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AdventZ started out as an interest for the founder when he was still 12 years old. He made it a past time to keep on learning about making his very own website where he could talk about gaming which is his other interest.

Making your interest your passion is what we believe here in AdventZ. And that is exactly what the founder did - made our interests our passion and our dreams into reality. A lot of his friends, co-workers, classmates have been inspired by this passion until they all became the permanent employees and hardcore supporters of the network. It gives us simple pleasure to know that what we do inspires people, gets them excited and hyped. That way we know that we are able to connect and share the same feelings of excitement we have as we make the website. When we create each post, we know in some way we touch peoples' hearts. 

When we all got into college, things became a little bit more serious when we finally put up a blog for Grand Chase. This side scrolling action game for PC was actually perfect for our website. Not only did the game have constant and relentless updates every week, they let us post about the weekly minor and major updates, not to mention teasers and concept leaks, in advance so their gamers got hyped a few weeks before the release happened.

That was when we noticed that this marketing strategy - spreading the news and the excitement - was very helpful for the game and for the website. This proved to be a fully working strategy to build publicity and maintain the fire blazing in every gamer's heart. 

Interestingly, that's what we theorized kept the game running for years and years. It was fun meeting new people within AdventZ, new people who also share the same passion for gaming. So when the Adventz founder started working, he lost the time needed for the blog's maintenance. Coincidentally, Grand Chase closed after that. 

Year 2017, the AdventZ original members met and finally decided to put an order to make this official and make it serious. From here on out the AdventZ story continues, and is just waiting to be written.

If you share the same passion, please support us and we'll never let you down.

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