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League of Legends Releases New Star Guardians Trailer

Riot Games recently released a New Star Guardians set of skins for a new set of champions including: Soraka, Syndra, Miss Fortune, Ahri and Ezreal (left to right) as part of their promotions new skins in game along with each champion's product line which includes tees, mini dolls (or as we all know it: chibis), plushies, jackets, and a star guardian notebook pack at Riot Games Merch Store.

Not only does Riot Games releases the skins in-game for every player to enjoy but League of Legends fanatics also have a chance to read every Star Guardian champion bios and their story as a star guardian in the League of Legends Universe along with a promotional trailer below that showcases Star Guardian Ahri's transformation think: Sailor Moon.

Anyways, we all think that this is a wonderful addition to player's collections including myself, since I play League of Legends personally, and I main Ahri. I got most of her skins excluding this one. Maybe I would need to go on top up again.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and we'll be in touch with you. Thanks for reading!.

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