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In this event, Game Master Mr. Toamushi of「Dragon Nest R」of the management team, schedule of 2017 is released, a roundtable discussion by inviting a development company, the advance of the academic outpost「Ride Gears」experience, etc. were sent plenty of contents.

In addition, the event was divided into two, one in the morning and one in the evening. We show here the event from the morning.

The latest update information is released!

First of all, update contents scheduled for 2017  from Mr. Masashi was introduced.

New Dungeons for Lvl 95 Cap

Lv.95 Item change

The level cap is released in June. This is implemented with three pillars「Proven Growth commensurate with effort」「Save value for investment」「Improvement of Growth」. Also a significant adjustment will also be included in the equipment system.

An example of the Enhancing System was introduced. The current enhancing cap was +15 and will be released up to +20. Furthermore, enhancement on it becomes possible, it will become possible to enhance without limit. This will increase the usefulness of equipment other than legend only. Regarding accessories, random options are also given when dropping.

Lv.95 New Skill

In addition to updating the status, the action of「Dragon Nest R」is also updated, the「Class Mastery III」will be implemented in all classes. This puts a scalpel on skills which have not been used so far and synergistic effects due to combo with main skills will be generated.

As an example, the skills of「Gladiator」and「Smasher」were introduced. Depending on the situation, you will need to choose a useful combo route, so more player skills will be questioned.

Some videos of the skills were introduced at the venue. Performance has changed considerably from that of existing ones, and surprising voices are raising from participants users.

Also, the class mastery is adjusted overall. It was said that they are currently adjusting and finished for PvE at least.

Slayer Mode
It was revealed that「Slayer Mode」will be implemented as a new mode. In this dungeon the skill effect will be enhanced and it is possible to acquire completely new items and it will be quite difficult content.

The reward items you care about were also introduced.「Slayer Armor」and「Enhanced Hammer Item」 seem to be the main reward. First let’s look at the Slayer Armor. This is an armor that will allow you to change the skill’s performance itself by equipping it. Since you can’t equip more than 2 parts, you have to choose from various kinds what you want to use.

”Enhanced Hammer Item” is an item that does not cause a fall in value and destruction during the enhancing. Since the upper limit of enhancing is also released, there seems to be an intention to be more environmentally friendly.

Academic Spin-Off (Ray Mechanic)「Ride Gear」implemented in May 
The information of the academic Side-Story「Ride Gear」to be implemented in May is released. The position becomes a dealer and the skill attribute becomes no attribute. It is an interesting class that specializes in wide range attacks and the skills performance changes fully by boarding a robot called「Alfredo Frontier」. 

Kali Spin-Off Class (Elder Oracle) comes around summer
It is a preliminary statement that it will be the world first public information and it seems that「Kali Side-Story」will be released around the summer. Like a Dancer the combo becomes the main job, but the more you do the combo, the higher the action speed, seems to be able to enjoy a whole new battle. Also, the picture on the actual design was released. 

DEV FAQ's Interview

―Please let me know when Machina Awakening is implemented.
It is currently under development, it will be implemented early and around the end of the year.

―Are there plans to review Machina’s specs?
There is no plan to review specs, we will respond by implementing Machina Awakening.

―Are there any plans to implement new characters?
When installing a new character, the problem that the client becomes heavy has occured and the system is under development now. As soon as this problem is solved, implement new characters.

―Is there any information about new characters?
I have not confirmed yet, but I am considering what sex of my old job is reversed like「Female Warrior」or「Male Sorceress」.

―Is there a schedule of skill addition for Spin-Off Character?
There are Side-Story Character and Awakening Character that are ahead of implementation, so consider implementing them after the others are done.

―Please tell me about the leveling assumption since Hero Level Max.
The Development Team also recognizes it. The maximum value of Hero Level is expected to rise by 5 levels as the level cap is released and as to the Hero Level, we are investigating whether there is any way to raise the level happily.

―Are you planning to expand Guild Content?
Since it is content for limited people, we place great importance on enriching main content. However, we would like to respond by implementing past implemented content as Guild Content.

―Are you planning to implement Nest for new players?
I am thinking whether it can be implemented in a form like「Creator Nest」that we implemented earlier.

―It is possbile to unify exchanges on each server?
Altough it is technically possible, there is a high possibilty that a problem arises because there is a market price for each server, so far I have not thought about it. I am considering whether avatars and others entering into an extra inventory can be traded on another system instead of exchanges.

―Do you plan to implement a new dragon along with new level cap?
The implementation schedule shifted because we did the DNC World Tournament this year. Next time implementation of the dragon will be around February to March of next year.

―If you play DN mainly in PVP, the store's sellable goods or equipment is not good.
Even in the development team, we recognize that users who only play PvP are difficult to get in-game items. In the future, users who only play PvP will make improvements so that items can be acquired.

Note: We changed "Side-Story" to "Spin-Off" for easier understanding on what we think they meant.
Disclaimer: Dragon Nest is owned by Eyedentity and it's developers All Rights Reserved.
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