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About Scenario

Journey to Kairon Island

To awaken the spirit of goodwill
To purify Rubinart that has fallen
A group that starts a full-fledged journey to find a healing cup.

Rubinart is preparing for his fall.
I kept a clue to the cup of healing in the mystery of Mary Ann Dell.
The clue leads them to Kairon, a beautiful tropical island located in the west of Merca.

Gleel, the only bulwark of half-naked Sinpa who lost Rubinat,
Repeated embalming in imperfect ego states makes the condition worse ...
The hungry wolves who are in charge of bloody wolves begin to show their identity outside the shadowy shadow.

The forces of the Mystra ...
You have to grow Gracel, the hope of Sinpa, against them and find a cup of healing.

New Dungeon Stage

[Admission Information]

Location: St. Haven, [The Boundary Gate]
              World Zone [Merca's Heart]
              Entrance gate [Kairon Island]
• Entry level: 93 level or above
• Admission: 1 ~ 4 people
• Ticket Item: None
• Number of weekly clearable limit: None
• Restricted Number of Resurrections during Nesting: None
• Entry Quests: [Lv93] The Key to the Ashes
• NPC: Dark Goddess Mocha

[Kairon Beach]

Dazzling white sand and emerald waters. Beautifully stretched palm trees along the beach ...
But we can not guarantee that we will be able to return to the ship as soon as we step into the island.
The secret lies behind the beach, deep in the island.

Boss: The tyrant of the beach Sharpelli
A tyrannical tyrant holding a beach
He is responsible for the management of the beach on the island of the island of the island of Kairon, Child Highendel.
Due to its oppressive nature, the beach is eclipsing the ecosystem.

[Abandoned Marina]

It is not that the island of Kairon did not originally exist. I just can not live now ...
It is the product of an old and broken marina at the corner of the beach.
Now I can not function because it is broken and worn everywhere,
At one time, we can see that humans exchanged with the mainland through this place.
But now there is only a nasty rubble that reminds me of the form of the past that was terrible.

Boss: Enroached Kantulas
Some of the victims of Avi Gyu - hwan 's marina that fled to keep alive after childling Highendel.
Some humans could not get out of the marina and had to breathe in the marina.
Highendel keeps his island, making it impossible for him to live or die by magic.

[Welcoming Center of the Forest]

The owner of the island, Highendel, is a child who loves flowers and plants and animals.
Among them, the forest of illusion is called "own garden".
It is a mysterious forest with a rare natural vegetation that remains only because it preserved nature as it is pushing out human beings.

Boss: Wild Beast Hanuman
The ruler of the forest with monkeys.
It is one of Highden Dell's favorite underwater loads, and it is like a highlanddel pet.
It lives in the garden of guard keeping garden or pet of welcome.

[Kairon past city area]

It was a city that existed before the people passed away like islanders.
It is not big, but it can be seen that humans lived quite bustling.
But now it is a village that has been driven away from Highendel and has only a shell.

Boss: Guardian of the Old City Area
It is the guardian whom the inhabitants made through alchemy to protect the people of the city area and the city area.
But now it loses its owner and remains on the remains of the city with only its purpose.

[Secret Submarine Cave]

The cave, which was created through ocean currents, is quite deep and pierced by a quarter of the island.
As it is a cave in the basement of the island, it is always inundated with seawater and untouched by people.
I have to find out what secrets are hidden deep in the dark and humid caves.

Boss: Mutant of the submarine cave
An animal and a plant-like Highendel is a deformed creature made by mixing animals and plants.
The Highlander is very careful. In general, all creatures in this cave are tremendously devoted to his creation.
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