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General Information
• [Class Mastery III] skill will be added to all second jobs (including Spin-Off Characters).
• [Class Mastery III] skills can be learned at level 95. 
• Each job has different specifications,    Commonly, the basic job (Warrior, Archer ...) has the effect of strengthening one of the skills significantly.
• [Class Mastery III] does not apply to PVP.

• [Heavy Slash] increases damage and attack range.
• When using [Heavy Slash] and [Finish Attack EX] in conjunction, you can immediately jump
  Damage increases greatly by attacking enemies. Instead, it inflicts constant damage regardless of enemy HP.

• The damage of [Impact Waves] increases, and it is changed to fire the gauntlet forward.
• After using [Impact Wave] and using [Moon Blade Dance EX] in conjunction, jump to a low height
  Fires 6 fast and strong slashes forward.

• [Impact Punch] damage and attack range increases.
• If you use [Impact Punch] and [Demonstration Fist EX] in conjunction, you can immediately use down shooting instead of regime
  Take one more shot when hit. It also deals additional damage to [Fractured] enemies.

• [Circle Break] damage and attack range increases.
• After using [Circle Break], if you use [Circle Bomber EX] in conjunction, the shock wave is generated around yourself.
  In addition, the direct damage added to nearby targets increases the additional damage, but the small explosion does not occur.

• [Piercing Shot] damage and arrows increase in size.
• When using [Piercing Shot] and [Charge Shot EX] in conjunction, use [1] to fire a [Small Wind].

• [Magic Arrow] is changed to explode at the right spot without penetrating the enemy. Causes multiple hits when exploded.
• When using [Magic Arrow] and [Guided Shot EX] in combination, the normal [Guided Shot EX] is very fast
  Instantly, [Fatal Guided Shot] increases damage.

• [Twin Shot] damage and arrows increase in size. Also, [Twin Shot] can be used in the air.
• After using [Twin Shot] on the ground or in the air, press [Special Attack Button]
  [Double Summon Salt Kick EX] can be used in conjunction with.

[Wind Walker]
• Willow Spin Kick increases and increases the damage and attack range.
• [Willow Spin Kick] After using [Eagles Descent], [Flash Kick], [Spiral Edge] skill for a while
  Damage increases.

[Silver Hunter]
• The damage and attack range of [Magic Arrow] increases, the attribute changes to light attribute, and it becomes available in the air.
• [Magic Arrow] increases the damage of [Tornado Shot] and all [Divine Skill] for a while after use.

• [Flame Worm] increases attack range, damage and cooldown.
• When using [Flame Road EX] after using [Flame Worm]
  [Flame Lord EX] casting speed and movement speed is very fast, more flames occur.

• [Glacial Spark] increases damage, cooldown decreases and falls to the bottom.
• Using [Glacial Spark] and [Freezing Sword EX] together, operation is simplified
  The third [Freezing Sword EX] after collecting all the cooldown time increases the damage.

• [Shockwave] attack range, damage increases and cooldown decreases.
• Can use [Laser Cutter EX] after using [Shock Wave]
  [Laser Cutter EX] does not move but continues to shoot in one place.

• The attack range of [Force Explosion] is changed to attract the enemy while the damage increases and continues.
• When using [Gravity Ascension EX] after using [Force Explosion Transfer]
  [Force Explosion] In the place where it lasts, a gravitational field is created instead, and the enemy is blown into the air and shot down.

[Black Mara]
• Increases the attack range, damage, and cooldown of [Wheeling Staff]
  The shape of the resulting tornado is changed to attract the hit enemy.
• After using the [Wheeling Staff], turbulence can be activated by clicking normal attack.


• Increases the damage and attack range of [Shield Blow], changing its attributes to light attributes.
  Also, acquire 1 [Guardian Bubble] when hit.
• After using [Shield Blow], if you use [Divine Venance] in conjunction, the action speed and damage will increase
  The shock wave is changed to occur in the front range.

• [Lightening Upper] increases damage and attack range.
• After using [Lightening Upper] and using [Hammer Hand] in conjunction, the enemy pushing judgment disappears
  Damage to the hammer hand increases when you hit the enemy in the middle part of the hammer that you shoot down quickly.

• [Holy bolt] increases damage and attack range and reduces cooldown.
• After using [Holy bolt], you can use [Blessed sign]
  It is modified to radiate divine power further afield, causing more damage to enemies captured.

• Charge bolts' damage, attack range, and cast speed are increased and changed to send eight lightning bolts along the ground.
• When using [Charge Bolt] and [Consecutive EX] in conjunction, you will evolve the sacred earth at a very high speed.

[Arch Heretic]
• [Divine Combo] magic attack power disappears, physical damage and attack range increases, and cooldown decreases.
• If you use the [Sow Blade] in conjunction with the additional riding with the [General Attack Button] of [Divine Combo]
  Immediately shoots the blade forward, increasing damage.

[Shooting Star]
• [Quickshot] increases damage and fire rate, and is changed to produce one round of smoke when used.
• If you use [Quick Exposure] and use [Splash Ex] in conjunction, the range in which the shell is spread decreases.

[Gear Master]
• Damage and cooldown of [Airshot] increases,
  [General Attack Button] Instead of a shell to shoot additional short-range shot to push the enemy.
• If you continue to input [Normal attack button] for 4 seconds after using [Air shot]
  You can use [My Mechanic Canon], which has a much stronger attack power, even if you are not in the mechanic mode.

• Damage and attack range of [Napam] increases.
• [Napalm] If you use [Magma Wave EX] in place of the flames after using
  Additional flames emerge on the spot, damaging the enemy.

• The damage and attack range of [Force Out] increases, and the attribute is changed to [Dark Attributes].
  Also, a toxic slime protrudes from the distorted space.
• The protruding toxic slime will disappear for a while,
  If you hit [Mixed Infection] with a poison slime before it disappears, it will cause a poison explosion.

[Ray Mechanic]
• Increases the damage and attack range of [Stern Grenades].
• When using the [Stern Grenade] and [Multiplexer] in conjunction, seven plasma lasers track nearby enemies.

[Dark Summoner]
• The duration and attack range of [Dispear Needle] increases.
• Also, if you are within the attack range while [Discipline Needle] is active, your attack and action speed will increase.

[Soul Eater]
• [Soul Wind] damage and attack range increases.
• After using [Soul Wind] and using [Soul Scream] in conjunction, the ghost of the wanted one will fly forward
  Depending on the size of the enemy hit several times and gives damage.

[Blade Dancer]
• [Fancy] increases damage and attack range.
• After using [Fancy Turn], if you use [Scorpeker] in conjunction,
  Attacks a wider range of enemies more strongly.
• If you use [Blade Steps] in conjunction with [Blade Steps], the invincibility time disappears,
  Faster speed and attack power are greatly increased.

[Spirit Dancer]
• [Spirit Blow] increases damage and attack range, and cooldown decreases.
• After using [Spirit Blow], if you use [Warrior EX] in conjunction
  Two explosions take place right from the downstairs, not from the front.

• After using [Shadow Hand], if you use [Moral Blow] in combination, it will rotate immediately without pushing the enemy,
  Damage increases when you hit an enemy's side or back.
• If you use [Moral Blow] continuously, all the increased damage will be applied.

• [Awakening] When you use Pan-of-Edge, six prizes returned to you
  Pulls the enemy into the air. You also get one additional [Loot] effect.

[Light Fury]
• Attack power of [Pan of Edge] increases, and the attribute changes to [Light Attributes].
• In addition, instead of blowing the prizes, a circle of light around it turns and attacks the enemy.
• After using [Fan of Edge] and using [Ring Strike EX] in conjunction
  After climbing into the air, they immediately descend to the ground and shoot a shock wave that floats the enemy.

[Abyss Walker]
• Increases the damage and range of [Speedy Cut] and changes its attribute to [Darkness].
• After using [Speedy Cut] and using [Plasma Burst EX] in conjunction
  Immediately rush forward, strike the enemy after attack.

• [Deep Pierce] increases the damage and attack range, and the action that wields the window during casting is changed to hit.
• Also, it causes fatal damage to enemies with [Weak Exposure].

[Sting Breezer]
• [Cross Cutter] damage, attack range, action speed increases.
• When using [Cross Cutter] and using [Dent Blow EX] together
  Increases the speed of action and attack area damage when wielding a window.

• [Pivot Gun Shot] increases the damage and attack range.
• After using [Pivot Gun Shot], press [normal Attack Button] briefly to activate [Stage One Charging] of [Over-Charging] immediately
  You can activate [2nd level charging] by holding normal attack button.
• or [Special attack button],you can punch with the knuckle gear forward,
  After that, if you link [Overheating EX], it will be immediately connected to the attack.

• [Lariat] damage and attack range increases.
• After using [Lariat] and linking [Taunting Blow EX]

  The mark is instantly activated at the point where the explosion hits and the number of explosions increases.

Skill consumption SP adjustment
• To alleviate the increase in SP consumption due to the addition of Class Mastery III
   When acquiring some skills, we are changing the SP consumption to:

Added Notes
• Class Mastery / Class Mastery II / Class Mastery III
   SP consumption is changed to 0 when collecting collectively.
• Rising Slash / Circle Break / Magic Arrow / Force Explosion / Shockwave / Charge Bolt /
   Holy Bolt / Stern Grenade / Force Out / Dispair Needle / Spirit Blow / Shadow Hand /
   Fan of Edge / Cross Cutter / Lariat
   1 level skill acquisition SP consumption has changed from 3 to 1.
• Bless of Azuna
   SP consumption has been changed from 5 to 3 at acquisition.
• Healing of Azuna

   SP Consumption has been changed from 10 to 3 at acquisition.

Disclaimer: Translations may be a little bit clunky, We used google translate for this but will soon be made better regarding grammar and to be easier to understand.
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