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[NAGC] The Land of Judgment

Land Of Judgment Hero Dungeon

From the Magical War of Kounat to the creation of the Tower of Disappearance, Aernas was constantly at war. In the past, the Dimension’s Door connecting Aernas and Elyos caused the realms to be thrown out of balance, and thus the Gods, recognizing its risk, decided to destroy Aernas.

The three goddesses that were once in charge of Aernas—Ernasis, Lisnar, and Amenias—voiced dissent and pled for Aernas to receive a final chance to determine its own fate, putting the decision in the hands of its inhabitants. The goddess of love and spirits, Lisnar, sent Harkion to Aernas to serve as their test.

Harkion, the divine beast, appears to the people of Aernas at once.

“To all who are living in Aernas, listen well…
Try and stop me with everything that you have…
Decide by your own power whether to live or die!”

The time has come to save Aernas and restore balance to the world. Play the Land of Judgment!

Land of Judgment
Hero Dungeon Event
Duration: 8/1/2014 – 9/4/2014 (Ends 6:00 PM PDT)

How to Enter:

Locate and click on the Hero Dungeon icon on the bottom of the World Map screen.
Click on the Land of Judgment icon.

Dungeon Details:

Engage in a one-on-one fight with Harkion. Characters of any level can enter.
This hero dungeon is only available between 8:00 AM – 11:50 PM (PDT) each day.
You may only enter 3 times per day.
There are restrictions on use of Potions and Resurrects.

Reward Details:

Participation Rewards: Play Land of Judgment at least once each day to receive a Judgment Support Reward. After your first Land of Judgment dungeon run per day, you’ll receive a Judgment Support Reward in your Mailbox.
Battle Point Rewards: Rewards will be distributed based on the combined total of Battle Points that have been accumulated. Rewards will be delivered to the Mailbox on the following day from 12:00 AM to 8:00 AM (PDT) once the points have been calculated.

Judgment Support Reward Contents:

The reward box may contain one of the following:

Play Land of Judgment Crest
GP Random Prop Reset Form
Seal Breaker Scroll
100 VP Coupon
10 VP Coupon
Hero’s Bullion
Gem (x30)
Crystal (x10)
Demons of Yore Pet Skill Regen Potion
Demons of Yore HP Potion
Demons of Yore MP Potion
Demons of Yore Attack Potion
Demons of Yore Defense Potion
Demons of Yore Critical Potion
Demons of Yore Super Armor Potion
Demons of Yore Arena Potion
Special Refinery Scroll
Premium Transmutation Scroll
Arquemeece’s Refinery Protection Scroll
Reinforcement Stone

Play Land of Judgment Crest
Attack: Changes based on level
Defense: Changes based on level
Vitality: Changes based on level
HP Regen Limit in Dungeons +15%
Special Attack Resistance +15%

Land of Judgment Rewards:

Rewards are based on Tier acquired per day.
Rewards listed are potential rewards that can be acquired from playing Land of Judgment. Reward information based on Tiers check in game.

HP Potion (S)
MP Potion (S)
HP Potion (M)
MP Potion (M)
HP Potion (L)
5000GP Coupon
10000GP Coupon
Natal Ring (60 Times)
Ring of Beefiness
30% Potion of Will
50% Potion of Will
Gate Ore
Hero’s Bullion
Iron Mask Armor Chest
General Armor Chest
Sylph Armor Chest
Barakhufu Armor Chest
Saint’s Black Armor Chest
Aernasis Armor Chest
Land of Judgment Card Chest
Land of Judgment Special Card Chest
Harkion’s Earring Shard
Harkion’s Ring Shard
Land of Judgment Shard

*Armor Chests – Each chest will randomly reward you with 1 Epic Grade armor piece.
*Card Chests – When opened, 1 card will be randomly rewarded.

Forge Details:

Collect the Shards found in Land of Judgment and forge the items to create a Ring, Earring, or Crest

Harkion's Ring
Harkion's Ring Shard (x12)
Harkion's Earring
Harkion's Earring Shard (x12)

Survived the Judgment Crest
Land of Judgment Shard (x30)

*The following items will be deleted after the event period:

Miracle Swimsuit Sale And More!

Take advantage of our amazing summer offers!

Miracle Swimsuit Sale

Duration: 8/1/2014 – 8/13/2014 (Ends 6:00 PM PDT)

Miracle Summer Swimsuits, Lovely Miracle Swimsuits, and Weapon Coordis are now available for purchase in shop.
Miracle Summer and Lovely Miracle Coordi Packages come with a Pet Miracle Nerissa Card.

Shop Update: New Items and Deals
Items available starting 8/1/2014 (PDT)

Pet Edna Card
Use this to summon your own Pet Edna
Only 400 K-Ching
Original Price 600 K-Ching

Cross Blade (100 Times)
Skill exclusive to Pet Edna; GP Pet skills are also available in GP Shop.
Only 50 K-Ching
Original Price 80 K-Ching

Dungeon-Exclusive Items

The following items can only be used in Land of Judgment and Tower of Disappearance or as otherwise stated.

Good luck to all who will be challenging the new Hero Dungeon and have fun.
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