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[NAGC] Welcome, New and Returning Heroes!

To the heroes who have just joined the chase, the heroes that are coming back to start their adventure again, and the heroes who have continued to journey on and continue to grow stronger, this is a special event for all of you. Whether you’re new, just returning, or staying true to the Chase, you’re a real hero in our book. Get your rewards!

Welcome, Heroes!

Duration: 7/17/2014 – 8/28/2014 (Ends 6:00 PM PDT)

New Heroes!

Requirements: Never logged into the game prior to 7/17/2014

Just starting on your journey in Grand Chase? Log in to the game, click on the Menu and then click on the Mailbox to receive your Welcome New Hero Kit!

Keep in mind, this kit will only be distributed to 1 character in your account. Make sure to log in to the character that you want receiving this kit!

Returning Heroes!

Requirements: Last log in prior to 7/2/2014 11:59 PM PDT

This one’s for our heroes coming back from a battle with real life! When you join the game, you’ll find a nice gift waiting for you in the Mailbox!

The gift can only be accepted by 1 character, so make sure you choose wisely!

Powerful Heroes!

Requirements: Logged in at least one time after 7/3/2014 12:00 AM PDT

To the brave ones who have continued to play this game day after day honing those skills, we haven’t forgotten about you! Log into the game now and you’ll find an awesome gift waiting for you in your Mailbox!

The gift can only be accepted by 1 character, so make sure you choose wisely!

Missions for All Heroes!

Each of the kits will come with a mission: New Hero’s Mission 1, Returning Hero’s Mission 1, or Powerful Hero’s Mission 1. Complete each mission to collect the corresponding tokens. Take the tokens and Gems that you’ve acquired on your journey to forge a Reward Chest.

New Hero’s/Returning Hero’s/Powerful Hero’s Reward Chest contents:

  • The Prizefighter’s Boxing Coordi found in the New Hero’s Reward Chest is a permanent Coordi item. You may only acquire 1 set for 1 character. Choose wisely.
  • The Pet Referee Elena is a permanent item. This pet can only be equipped on 1 character.
  • You can only complete the missions once per account.
  • Registered Missions can be found under the Missions icon.

Heroes’ Specials
  • Forge: If you don’t like the +15 weapon, you can use the weapon along with a Weapon Refining Stone that can be purchased from shop to forge a Grade 15 Refinery Scroll. Use the Grade 15 Refinery Scroll to refine any weapon of your choice to +15!

  • Shop: A special package has been added for your refining needs. The Weapon Refining Stone can be used with a Returning Hero’s Weapon to forge a Grade 15 Refinery Scroll. Also, Twinkle Key is in the shop. Use the Twinkle Key to open a Sealed Twinkle Box!

Jump To 70!

It’s back! Power up instantly by joining the character jump! Bring one of your characters to Lv. 70 now and enjoy awesome rewards. This is your chance to catch up to the higher level Chasers and breeze through the dungeons. This time, Edel and Veigas may be chosen to take the big leap up, and you can earn extra potions for reaching every two levels after 70. Play now!

Character Jumping Event

Duration: 7/17/2014 – 8/28/2014 (Ends 6:00 PM PDT)


- All players will be able to select one character to jump up to Lv. 70 instantly!
- Any character at Lv. 70 and up is excluded from this event.

- The character you have selected to jump up will have/receive:

  • 4th MP Bar and 4th Special Skill
  • Armor for Lv. 70
  • A mission for Lv. 85 that rewards new armor
- If you do not need to raise any of your characters to Lv. 70, you may select an item reward instead.


a. When you select a character during the event, an event window will let you select between the character jump and item reward options.
b. If you select a character to jump up the levels, a confirmation window pops up. Click OK to get the selected character at Lv. 70 instantly (or you may still cancel at this point).
c. If you choose to receive the item reward, you will not be able to do the character jump. Click OK to receive the item rewards.

d. If you do not make a selection and instead close the event window, it will come up again the next time you log in before the event ends.

e. Characters that reach Lv. 70 through the character jumping event will receive armor and ‘Jumpin to Max Level Challenge’, the mission scroll for Lv. 85. They will also have the 4th Special Skill, 4th MP Bar, and a cash skill. (Jumpin to Max Level Challenge mission scroll will be deleted when the event ends.)

Potions for Leveling! – For every 2 levels reached after level 70, Demons of Yore Potions will be sent to the character’s Mailbox! Reach Level 72/74/76/78/80/82/84 and receive the following items:

Jumpin to Max Level Challenge – Complete the mission to receive the following rewards.

VIP Rewards + Extreme Skill Key Sale

Get the Extreme Skill Key at an amazing discount, and check out our VIP Rewards!

VIP Rewards

Duration: 7/17/2014 – 7/31/2014 (Ends 6:00 PM PDT)


Get bonus items for spending a certain amount in shop.
This event can be accessed from the Menu by clicking on the VIP Event Button.

Extreme Skill Key Sale

Sale Dates: 7/19, 7/20, 7/26, and 7/27 (Saturdays and Sundays, 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM PDT)

Join the chase on the remaining weekends of July for a special Extreme Skill Key sale. Extreme Skill Keys will be available for a 20% discount!

We apologize for the lack of updates in NAGC recently but we'll make it up today. Enjoy the events, Chasers.

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