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[NAGC] Season V is Here

Season V Welcome Rewards
Duration: 5/23/2014 – 6/4/2014 (Ends 6 PM PDT)

Howdy, Chasers! Let us all welcome the new season and earn awesome stuff.


  • At first login, players will receive a mission along with the 1st piece to complete the Ancient Scroll.

           - Mission: Experiencing Season V (Mission 1)
           - Ancient Scroll Piece: A New Update for Grand Chase 1

  • Complete each mission to acquire an Ancient Scroll piece.
  • Missions can be accessed via the Mini Games icon.


Season V Signboard

*Event is per account and can be only completed by 1 character.
*Missions and Ancient Scroll pieces will be deleted after the event is over.

Stamps for VP
Duration: 5/23/2014 – 6/4/2014 (Ends 6 PM PDT)

  • Log in each day and click on the Mini Games Icon.
  • Acquire your stamp for the day and receive a VP Coupon Random Chest.
  • VP Coupon Random Chest may contain one of the following:
           - 1 VP Coupon
           - 10 VP Coupon
           - 100 VP Coupon
           - 1000 VP Coupon


Rank Challenge!
Duration: 5/23/2014 – 6/4/2014 (Ends 6 PM PDT)

  • During the event, players will receive an S Rank Challenge mission in the mail.
  • Complete the S Rank Challenge and the player will receive an SS Rank Challenge mission.


Enter Dimension’s Door
Event Duration: 5/23/2014 – 6/4/2014 (Ends 6 PM PDT)

The link between the human world and the demon world is now open, and a seemingly endless parade of monsters is making its way through. Survive the onslaught in Dimension’s Door!

  • Dimension’s Door is a new dungeon that provides players additional ways to acquire EXP. You can find it on Ellia, Xenia, Alcubra, and Archimedia. Enter the dungeon when you’re at the ideal level range, Lv. 43 – 85.
  • Waves of monsters will appear, followed by an appearance of a Boss monster. Once you defeat the boss monster, you’ll receive a short period of time to recuperate. Make sure to stand next to the HP flame to get your HP back up!
  • Stay in the dungeon for as long as you’d like. Once you’re ready to leave, destroy the Dimension’s Door to stop the monsters from appearing.

Special Event Mechanics:
  • Enter the Dimension’s Door and fight the monsters.
  • Acquire Dimension’s Door Fragments to forge a Dimension’s Mercenary Wings.
  • Collect more Dimension’s Door Fragments to forge higher level wings!

Rewards from the Forge

See what you can create using Dimension’s Door Fragments and gems!

*Wings are permanent accessories. Dimension’s Door Fragments items will be deleted after the event.

Sale! Season V Limited Edition Boxes

Start the new season right! Get set for Grand Chase Season V with all the supplies you need! Special boxes are now in store at unbeatable prices. Grab some and get the fun of Season V going!

Season V Special Boxes
Sale Duration: 5/23/2014 – 6/4/2014 (Ends 6 PM PDT)

Dimension's Anklet
Sale Duration: 5/23/2014 – 6/4/2014 (Ends 6 PM PDT)
Only 350 K-Ching

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