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[NAGC] Goodbye Season 4 and Hello Season 5

Goodbye Season 4

The launch of Grand Chase Season 5 is just a few days away! Join us as we usher in the new season! Grab a bunch of GC Season 5 Coins and use them to craft commemorative items. You can earn this special coin from clearing dungeons suited to your character’s level. Crafting of these items will be open for just 1 week, so hurry! Check them out! Event runs from May 14th until May 22nd, 2014 (Ends 6 PM PDT).

GC Season 5 Coin

*Each commemorative item functions as coordi.

Season 5 Lucky Box

Grand Chase Season 5 is almost here, and we intend it to be very lucky indeed! Grab some Season 5 Lucky Boxes from the Shop starting today. You can log in on the weekend to get the FREE version, too!

Season 5 Lucky Box

Log in on 5/17 and 5/18 to receive a Season 5 Lucky Box. It randomly contains one of the following:
  • GP Random  Prop Reset Form (3 pcs.)
  • Grand Chase Necklace (7 days)
  • Seal Breaker Scroll (2 pcs.)
  • Ring of Beefiness (7 days)
  • MP Potion (L) (5 pcs.)

Season 5 Lucky Box – Now in the Shop!
Available 5/14/2014 – 5/22/2014 (Ends 6 PM PDT)
Only 150 K-Ching!

The shop version of the Season 5 Lucky Box may yield one of the following at random:
  • Seal Breaker Scroll (30 pcs.)
  • Pet Lilith Card
  • Pet Arkham Card
  • +30 Bag
  • Premium Reinforcement Protection Scroll (2 pcs.)
  • Natal Ring (20 pcs.) 
Have a great day, Chasers.

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