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[NAGC] Character Seperation Event

The Perks Of Character Separation – Get Your Freebies!
Duration: 5/8/2014 – 5/22/2014 (Ends 6 PM PDT)

The Character Separation Update comes with player perks. During the event, log on to the game once to receive awesome freebies.

  • At first log in during the event, all players will receive the following.

  • During this time all characters (current and new) will receive 120 slots in their inventory.
  • Once the event is over, only 90 slots will be available.
  • If needed, Warehouse Slot Voucher and +30 Bag can be moved around to other characters using Aernas’ Warehouse system

Special Item: Black Dragon’s Necklace

The black dragon is a guileful creature that inhabits underground caves. Get the necklace that was inspired by a beast capable of great evil and deceit. Find the Black Dragon’s Necklace in the shop today!

Black Dragon’s Necklace
Available 5/8/2014 – 5/22/2014 (Ends 6 PM PDT)
In Blue and Red
550 K-Ching each

Limited Sale: Character Slot Ticket And Warehouse Vouchers

Hear ye, hear ye! With this week’s update, the Character Slot Ticket takes the place of character creation packages in the Shop. This increases the number of character slots on your account. With an open slot, you can select any character you’d like! Be careful, though, because once you’ve selected a character, there’s no going back. Get one while they’re 100 K-Ching off!

Character Slot Open Ticket
Regular Price: 990 K-Ching
Only 890 K-Ching – Save 100 K-Ching!
Sale Period: 5/8/2014 – 5/22/2014 (Ends 6 PM PDT)

Running out of space for your precious  special items? Grab some individual warehouse vouchers, now at a 15% discount! Sale Period: 5/8/2014 – 5/22/2014 (Ends 6 PM PDT).

Warehouse Slot Voucher
Regular Price: 200 K-Ching
Only 170 K-Ching

Warehouse Safe Voucher
Regular Price: 500 K-Ching
Only 425 K-Ching

Enjoy the game, Chasers.

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