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[NAGC] Event Dungeon: Hungry Pets' Revolt

Hungry Pets’ Revolt Dungeon
4/24/2014 – 5/7/2014 (Ends 6 PM PDT)

Beware, an uprising transpires! The pets have not been fed by their masters for a while, and now they’re taking things into their own hands—or paws! Queen Serdin is having a grand banquet, and the pets are planning on crashing the feast and making away with the food. See, this sort of thing happens when one too many Chasers stop feeding their pets for some time. Bring order to this mess, and you will earn awesome rewards, and maybe even a new pet of your own!

  • Check out this event dungeon filled with hungry pets, and keep them off the food!
  • For the duration of the event, get a chance to acquire the special Hungry Pets’ Revolt: Feeding Frenzy! Crest.
  • The Pet Card for Purrthos is a random drop from clearing the dungeon, along with the Exquisite Treasure Chest and Reinforcement Stone Chest.

How to Enter:

- Each day 3 Invitation to the Banquet will be delivered to the Mailbox.
- Hungry Pets’ Revolt Dungeon can be found in Bermesiah and requires 1 “Invitation to the Banquet” to enter.

How to Acquire Additional Tickets:

- Normal Dungeons will drop Torn Invitation to the Banquet 1, 2, and 3.
- Combine 1, 2, and 3 in the forge to create an Invitation to the Banquet.
- Having trouble finding a specific one? Combine 2 of the same pieces (2 x Torn invitation to the Banquet 1) and create an Invitation to the Banquet Chest.
- From the Invitation to the Banquet Chest choose the piece you are missing to forge a full ticket.

Event Dungeon Difficulty

- There is only 1 difficulty.
- All players may enter regardless of stats. (Stats are balanced)
- The number of monsters and HP will adjust according to the number of party members.
- Potions and Resurrections are not allowed.


- Clear the dungeon and receive a Serdin’s Gratitude Gift Box 100% of the time!

Every time the dungeon is cleared, Gold Coins will be rewarded depending on the amount of food left.

Using the Gold Coins, players can gift their friends certain items through the Grand Chase Gift Shop.

For every Gold Coin you spend, you will receive a Friendship Point for yourself. With Friendship Points, players can acquire rewards based on the amount of points they acquire.

Enjoy the event, Chasers.
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