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[NAGC] Goodbye GameRage

Goodbye GameRage!
03/11 ~ 03/27

Here's to the end of an era, and the start of a new chapter!

Starting March 11th, for the last two weeks of GameRage's hosting of Grand Chase, players will receive a reward each day when logging in. Consider this a token of our thanks for the adventure you have shared with us over the last few years.

Daily Log In Reward
Players will receive a different reward in the mail, each day for the next two weeks. 
March 11th: GC Club (3days) 
March 12th: Ring of Beefiness (3days)
March 13th: Grand Chase Necklace (3days) 
March 14th: Hero's Bullion x 3
March 15th: Seal breaker Scroll x 3
March 16th: SP All Reset Card
March 17th: Epic Reinforcement Stone Box
March 18th: GC Club (3days)
March 19th: Ring of Beefiness (3days)
March 20th: Grand Chase Necklace (3days) 
March 21st: Hero's Bullion x 3
March 22nd: Seal breaker Scroll x 3
March 23rd: GC Season V Signboard (Permanent)
March 24th: Hero's Bullion x 2
March 25th: Hellstrom's Demon Core x 2
March 26th: Naamah's Demon Core x 2
March 27th: Grandiel's Demon Core x 2
Gacha Swap Out
For the last two weeks the Gacha system will be featuring two classic sets, the Sellion (Ebon Inferno) and Rencia (Checkmate) sets.
Thank you all for your support over these past few years, and we hope you all have fun continuing your adventure with KillerCombo. 
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