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[Teaser] The Prophecy Part 1

Hi guys! Annyeong! Im back and with some cool stuff!. Today KOG gave us a little peak about the truth and a glimpse on what is happening on the world of Ernas... 
They revealed a very controversial  as so they said "Prophecy" that 12 of our warriors will be sacrificed for the maintenance of peace in Ernas, (how bout bummer) I mean why do we have kill 12 just beat one destroyer and I think that's Veigas... Anyways, some cool and ultimate looking comic below, have fun....

The Prophecy 

Part 1

The Legend of the Underworld has started a long time ago...

'Ernas chose to sacrifice 12 in order to bring back peace.'

to stop the day the destroyer of Ernas will come down from the sky to bring it to the hell of destruction

One with an immortal body,
a survivor of a lost kingdom, 
a freak from a world of death and blood, 
a keeper of king of the north, 
an oracle of the south, 
a Guardian in the north, 
Silver Land's Last Silver Knight, 
a reincarnation of a Goddess from the east, 
One who has a heart of a fox, 
One who is a blessed Holy Knight, 
One who seeks for a lost brother, 
and an Oracle. 

Twelve apostles are to gather against the destroyer will come to fulfillment, in order to bring back peace.

[to be continued...]

The Adventure of Grand Chase Continues
Have an Exciting Day!

So let me get this straight? We really have to sacrifice our heroes just to save Ernas? LOL, damn Ernas and we'll go to Elyos. joke! but SRSLY, I don't want to kill Amy...

how bout you?? what'dya think??
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