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[NAGC] Server Transfer Information

Hey guys, long time no see. I'm sorry that NAGC posts aren't exactly what I'm in charge of, and I'd like to apologize for creating a second post about the topic, but I think some further explanation of this server transfer from NAGC to Killer Combo.

Killer Combo is the host of North American Elsword, they have decided they will take on the North American version of Grand Chase!

To transfer your NAGC Account from SGi to Killer Combo you must:

Step One: Open Grand Chase to the latest patch
Step Two: Log into your account and fill out the new email section and click the box next to it to remember your email. 

There you go, your account has been transferred. To change the email, just log in with a different one.

- Take pictures of your inventory in case of any confusion with KC
- Get all your account information ready so you can successfully transfer your account without issue
- If you have any further questions, feel free to send in 1:1s to the NAGC GMs

In conclusion...
I'd like to thank SGi for holding our server up as much as they could. They let it last for as long as they could possible stand and then successfully found a company to host the game rather than let it die. I'd also like to wish good luck to Killer Combo, please do your best by helping us return our game to it's former glory. Looking forward to spending many, many more years with you guys.

Keep On Smiling, 
~Community Manager and NAGC Player, Snail~
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