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[Teaser] Dimension of Doors

Heya! We're back! We're back on giving you juicy updates for Grand Chase. Speaking of Updates.
This is a new update that will be released on January 09, 2014 and it's called the Dimensions of Doors update. I wanna know what your insights are about this update. What is it really? What do you think? Make sure you leave us some comments about what you think and maybe if you're thinking for long discussions we can talk about it in the forums...

Don't worry about the translations if your going to ask us about what it means. It just means Dimension of Doors (Top), Coming Soon January 09, 2014 (Subtitle), "I've been waiting for Girls!" (said the ghost) and "Huwoooo!!" (says Elesis)



We hope you like it. Also for introduction for new-bloods that stumbled upon our blog. We are AdventZ a group of Gamers dedicated to give you the latest updates from all around the world to just one roof. We'll be raining juicy news for your favorite games, no need to go to different websites, we cater the games in korea and we'll translate it in the universal language which is english so you don't have to go some translation machines which you don't understand what it is saying either. So be sure to stick around.

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