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[Teaser] Add Update Coming Soon!

Hello guys!!! Elsword has come now to its greatness. Meaning more updates for you!. for those who are fans of Add. There is yet another major update to come, coming soon. We don't have the official release date yet and an official word but. You know what we're thinking.. guess what this is...

Pretty self explanatory right? Only a fool doesn't know what this update is.. We'll just leave you guessing..
Don't forget to like us and give us a guess in the comment on what you think this is okay?



We hope you like it. Also for introduction for new-bloods that stumbled upon our blog. We are AdventZ a group of Gamers dedicated to give you the latest updates from all around the world to just one roof. We'll be raining juicy news for your favorite games, no need to go to different websites, we cater the games in korea and we'll translate it in the universal language which is english so you don't have to go some translation machines which you don't understand what it is saying either. So be sure to stick around.
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