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[NAGC] Grand Chase Event: Veigas, Destroyer of Worlds

Viva Las Veigas
01/21 ~

Veigas Terre's arrival is nigh!
Veigas Terre is the 19th character to join the roster. He is an AP Mage type character who uses a cube to harness his magical energy. 
Veigas is a Demon from the high ranking Terre tribe. He has been known to wander to various worlds bringing destruction to all before him. He thrives on chaos and devastation and pursued and caused these things wherever he went. 
Eventually, he returned home and found that most of his tribe had been slain by creatures from a world known as Aernas. From then on he swore to make Aernas his next target and to bring about the end to all those who stood in the way of his goal.
During Veigas' Release he will have 2 sets available in the shop. The Veigas Coordi Package, and the Asmodian Veigas Coordi Package.
Like Edel, Veigas can only access the Trivia area at first and must complete it before he can be used in the other dungeons or in PvP.

Trivia, the Gateway to Aernas
01/21 ~

Trivia, is an area at the end of Elyos and is known as the Gateway to Aernas. It is in this place that a powerful Dimensional Gate resides which can transfer it's user to Aernas. However, the energy given off by the gate is known to increase the strength of the monsters in the lands around it. As such, only the strongest demons can cross these lands and through the gate.

Trivia is located in Elyos but can be accessed from the world map just below and to the left of the Bermesiah Continent. Trivia is the starting location for Veigas, and must be cleared with him before any of the other characters can be used in its dungeons.

Like île de Frost,  each dungeon must be cleared at least once on every difficulty (Normal, Hard and Expert) before the next dungeon can be accessed.
Now that you know what's ahead of you, it's time to cleave a path of destruction with Veigas. 

Veigas Release Celebration
01/21 ~ 02/03

Veigas' arrival heralds his own darkness, but also brings with it several gifts. 

Levelling Veigas

When you first create Veigas you will also receive a Levelling Kit for him. This kit can only be opened by Veigas.
Levelling Kit contains
- 20x HP Potion (S)
- Grade 7 Refinery Scroll Box (Can only be opened at Level 20)

Grade 7 Refinery Scroll Box Contains:
- Grade 7 Refinery Scroll
- 20x HP Potion (M)
- Reinforcement Stone
- Grade 10 Refinery Scroll Box (Can only be opened at Level 40)
Grade 10 Refinery Scroll Box Contains:
- Grade 10 Refinery Scroll
- 20x HP Potion (L)
- Grade 12 Refinery Scroll Box (Can only be opened at Level 60)

Grade 12 Refinery Scroll Box Contains:
- Grade 12 Refinery Scroll
- 20x HP Potion (L)
- Grade 15 Refinery Scroll Box (Can only be opened at Level 80)

Grade 15 Refinery Scroll Box Contains:
- Grade 15 Refinery Scroll
- 20x HP Potion (X)

Mini Veigas
On first login all player will receive a mail containing a Veigas Mini Doll Box.  This Box will allow you to give a Veigas Mini Doll to whichever character you want. (Note: This Mini Doll will only last for 7 days)
But 7 Days isn't very long!
That's true Hypothetical Chaser, however, you can also create a Permanent version of the Mini Doll in the forge. All you need to forge a permanent version is 30 of the Veigas Release Coupons.

Veigas Release Coupon

* Veigas Release Coupons can be acquired from running dungeons that are 2 levels above or below your own. 
If you are still holding onto a Powerless Cube from the 1/14 Pre-Release Event, then you can also combine that with 30 of the Veigas release coupons to make an Asmodian Cube. (An Upper Armor Accessory Coordi).

Enjoy your Veigas, Chasers.

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