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[Concept] Evil tracer Ice Burners Concept

Yes, Guys! We're finally back, only now? BETTER! and yes you're right as we announced earlier the Fan Page we are also covering Elsword as well as Grand Chase now. So here it is fulfilling our destiny I'm giving you updates from Elsword Korea now straight from the Game's Developers KOG. 

Well to tell you the truth these are just concepts of future Ice burners or Costumes. But from the looks of it if you ask me I would definitely say these are Ice burners. Also I'm thinking that I saw some of these before so maybe others are modifications.

Make sure ou tune in for more of these awesome stuff here in our Blog. Godspeed everyone. 
Keep Calm and Enjoy AdventZ! \('0')/

We hope you like it. Also for introduction for new-bloods that stumbled upon our blog. We are AdventZ a group of Gamers dedicated to give you the latest updates from all around the world to just one roof. We'll be raining juicy news for your favorite games, no need to go to different websites, we cater the games in korea and we'll translate it in the universal language which is english so you don't have to go some translation machines which you don't understand what it is saying either. So be sure to stick around.
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