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[NAGC] Grand Chase Event: Eternal Has Arrived!

Eternal has Arrived!
12/3 ~

That's right Chasers, the Eternal wait is finally over.  The Eternal Season update is coming to North America and with it a whole host of changes to the game.

Props and Stats
The properties system will be getting a revamp with Eternal.  With this revamp we will be saying good-bye to the MP Conversion and HP Conversion Properties.  In their place we will be saying hello to a new prop type: Critical Damage.

Additionally, Counterattack Resistance and MP Recovery will be getting a separate version of themselves for PvP.

Along with these changes you will find that there's a new stat to keep track of: Total Attack. Eternal brought with it some changes to how damage is calculated.  To this end Total Attack was introduced to help keep track of how much damage you are capable of (without taking the monsters defense or anything else into account).

As a result of these changes HP conversion and MP conversion have both been removed from the properties pools as well as the monster cards.  There will be a chance for players to change their props for free as well, the details of which are in the Unlimited Prop Reset event farther below.

Necklace and Anklet Changes
With the new stat calculations some of the necklaces and Anklets have had to have their effects changed.

At level 0 most necklaces will remain the same.  However starting from +1 and up you will see an increase in the amount of attack the necklaces grant.

Anklets on the other hand remain largely the same.  However you will see an increase in the granted defense starting around +7 reinforcement.

Forge Recipe Changes
Eternal has brought with it a change to the forge, or rather a change to the ingredients needed to forge something.

- Warrior Saint Equipment will require: 2 Bermesiah's Precious Pearls and 4 Topaz/ Ruby/ Sapphire Dust.

- Victor's Equipment will require: 3 Silver Land's Precious Pearls, 5 Topaz/Ruby/ Sapphire Fragment, 350 Bermesium  and 233 Concentrated Bermesium

- Kaze'Aze's Equipment will require: 3 Ellia's Precious Pearls, 8 Refined Topaz/ Ruby/ Sapphires, 153 Ellium, and 102 Concentrated ellium

- Aron Equipment will require: 5 Xenia's Precious Pearls, 13 Refined Topaz/ Ruby/ Sapphire, 162 Xenium, and 108 Concentrated Xenium

- Thanatos' Equipment will require 7 Xenia's Precious Pearls, 17 Refined Topaz/ Ruby/ Sapphire, 270 Xenium, and 180 Concentrated Xenium

-  Kungji Kungji Equipment will require: 7 Alcubra's Precious Pearls, 17 Refined Topaz/ Ruby/ Sapphire,  270 Alcubrium and 180 Concentrated Alcubrium

- Sentry Keeper's Equipment will require:  11 Archimedia's Precious Pearls, 26 Refined Topaz/ Ruby/ Sapphire, 410 Alcubrium, 273 Concentrated Alcubrium

Crafting an Epic version of  these items will require twice as many ingredients.

Alcubra and Archimedia Changes
The Alcubra and Archimedia continents will be undergoing some change in the coming weeks as well.  Now upon completing Xenia, players will no longer unlock both continents.  Now only Alcubra will become unlocked.  Once you have completed Alcubra, Archimedia will become available.

There are a couple of things to please note: Any current missions on these continents will not be deleted, however they will end the mission chains.  Players will receive new mission chains so they can obtain the changed completion rewards.

Since the Archimedia dungeons are going to follow the Alcubra dungeons, if any players are missing a previous dungeon clear the new dungeons will be greyed out until the previous dungeon is cleared.

The Sentry Keeper's Equipment and the Barakhufu Equipment will also be undergoing a change.  Barakhufu Armor will be decreasing to a level 78 armor while Sentry Keeper's Armor will be increasing to a level 81 armor.  This will not change existing armors, only any armors that are acquired after the December 3rd patch.

The stats of these new versions of the armors can be found on the Patch Notes.

Reinforcement Stones
Reinforcement Stones will no longer be acquired as random drops.  Instead you will be able to forge normal and epic reinforcement stones.

More Potions
With all of these changes we've also added a new strength of HP potion as well as started selling 10 packs of potions for GP.

The following Potions / Potion Packages can be bought from the Academy tab in the shop.

- HP Potion (S) is available for 1000 GP with a 10 pack available for 10,000 GP
- HP Potion (M) is available for 2500 GP with a 10 pack available for 25,000 GP
- HP Potion (L) is available for 5000 GP with a 10 pack available for 50,000 GP
- HP Potion (X) is available for 21,000 GP with a 10 pack available for 210,000 GP

HP Potion (X)

Ryan and Ronan Character Renewal
12/3 ~ 12/17 until maintenance

Ryan, Ronan, Amy, Sieghart and Lime have received several changes to their gameplay.  There is a detailed change log in the patch notes.
As a result of these changes the above mentioned characters will be receiving a skill reset that will affect all skills except for their 4th bars / abilities (This exception also includes Lime's Benedicton [Effect] Enhance Aura skill). 
In addition to the skill reset, all characters will have their own mini dolls available for sale. Once a box is purchased you can select whichever character you want to give the mini doll to and the doll will appear in their Coordi inventory.

Additionally, Ryan and Ronan will be available for free to unlock for the next two weeks until maintenance. During this time they will receive an Eternal Madeleine Chest for every 4 levels they achieve.
Additionally during this time Ryan and Ronan will have their Eternal Sentinel Coordi, Eternal Viken Coordi, Eternal Vanquisher Coordi, Eternal Dragon Knight Coordi, Eternal Aegis Knight Coordi, and Eternal Abyss Knight Coordi sets available in the shop respectively.  Amy's Eternal Muse Coordi set, and Sieghart's Eternal Duelist Coordi set will also be available in the shop at this time.
*Please Note: These Coordi Packages will not include the cloaks.

Unlimited Prop Change Event
12/3 ~ 12/17 until maintenance

With the changes to the stat system we understand that many of you may wish to optimize your stats towards top efficiency.  To this end, we will be holding an event that will allow you to change the properties on your items. 
For the next two weeks when you go to change the properties on your items you will find a second button that displays [Event] Unlimited Prop Change.  Please note: that while this does say Unlimited Prop Change it does not mean unrestricted prop change.
Once you have clicked this button you will be brought to a new UI which will allow you to select certain properties.  Defensive properties that were already on the item will remain on the item.  Offensive properties will be removed and for each offensive property you will be able to reselect 1 property.

I have a Marionette Cloak with the Attack Defense Vitality and HP Recovery properties.

When I select the Props Button, I can then pick between the usual Reset Form Change and the [Event] Unlimited Prop Change.

When I select [Event] Unlimited Prop Change the Attack prop on my item is lost and I am allowed to reassign 1 prop to it's slot.

Note that my Defensive props are still locked in.  Only Offensive props are able to be changed in this manner.  Hellspear still can not be obtained in this manner.
The list of selectable props in this manner are:

- Attack
- Special Attack
- Critical Chance
- Critical Damage
- MP Recovery*

 *Selecting MP Recovery will affect both your Dungeon and PvP versions.

During this period we will also be holding an unlimited Card socketing event.  As long as you have 1 Socket Gem you will be able to socket and unsocket cards to your items for free.  (Note: 1 Socket Gem will be distributed in the mail to all players upon their first log in).
This comes just in time as, with the removal of MP conversion and HP conversion, many of the monster cards have received new and different stats.  So experiment and see what you like best.

Super Gacha Extension
12/3 ~ 12/17 until maintenance

Clara and Sleuthhound have gotten an extension on their Super Gacha Spotlight until December 17th. 
Unfortunately, this extension does not affect Sirius or Annie & Momo and as such we must bid them farewell until they visit again.

Eternal Celebration
12/3 ~ 1/21 until maintenance

With the start of Eternal underway why not craft an Eternal Coordi Set and celebrate.
Every day when you log in for the first time you will receive an Eternal Badge.  Once you have 5 of these badges you will be able to craft a Coordi Item in the forge.
Every week for the next 7 weeks, a new Coordi Item for you to craft will be unlocked.  The items available each week are as follows.
Weekly Unlocks
Week 1 : Eternal Coordi Signboard (Upper Head Accessory)
Week 2 : Eternal Floating Coordi Accessory (Lower Armor Accessory)
Week 3 : Eternal Coordi Wings (Upper Armor Accessory)
Week 4 : Eternal Coordi Shields (Arm Accessory)
Week 5 : Eternal Coordi Mask (Lower Head Accessory)
Week 6 : Eternal Coordi Cloak (Mantle/ Cloak)
Week 7 : Eternal Coordi Helm (Helm)

Please Note: The Badges will be deleted when the event ends on 1/21.
Thank You Event
But that's not all that's available.  As a thank you to those of you who have stayed with us all this time we will be distributing the following items each day. 
- VP Coupon Chest (randomly gives 1 of the following: 1 VP, 10 VP, 100 VP, 1000 VP coupons)
- Grand Chase Necklace (1 day)
- Bonus Recharge x 5
- 1 Large Potion Package (20 HP Potions (L), 20 MP Potions (L), 10 Emergency Regen Potions, and 10 Mystery Potions (L)
Welcome Back
Finally we would like to welcome back any and all players who have decided to rejoin us with the introduction of Eternal.
As a show of thanks, players who have not logged in in the last month or so but have elected to return now will receive:

- 100 VP Coupon x 5
- Ring of Beefiness (7 days)
- Nickname Change Card
- Extreme Skill Key
- SP All Reset Card
- Premium Card Package (5 Random Cards)
- Pet Bitty Perry Card

Angel Package on Sale
12/3 ~ 12/17 until maintenance

Starting December 3rd until the December 17th maintenance the shop will be featuring the Angel Package for all characters.  It will be priced at 3500 Cash and will give you the Angel Wings and Angel Ring Coordi items.

Angel Package

Please Note: The contents of this package will be bound upon purchase.  Please make sure you have the proper character selected when you purchase the item.

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