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[NAGC] Grand Chase Event: Edel Frost, the Moonlight Fencer

Edel Frost, the Moonlight Fencer
12/17 ~  (Event's will end on 1/7 during maintenance)

Edel Frost has finally arrived! And she's got a few tricks up her sleeves to show you all.

Levelling Edel

Edel will be available for absolutely free for all players from the 17th an on.

Additionally since everyone will be starting from level 1 again  we will be giving a double EXP and double GP bonus, and we will be awarding players a care package for every 20 levels they achieve.
The Level 20 Package contains a 5 use Second Gear Ring, 3 Socket Gems, a 3 day Grand Chase Necklace, and a Level 40 Package

The Level 40 Package contains a 7 use Second Gear Ring, 5 Natal Rings, another 3 day Grand Chase Necklace, and a Level 60 package

The Level 60 Package contains a 10 use Second Gear Ring, 7 Natal Rings, a Premium Card Box, another 3 day Grand Chase Necklace, and a Level 80 Package

The Level 80 Package contains a 15 use Second Gear Ring, 10 Natal Rings, 5 Socket Gems, 2 Premium Card Boxes and a final 3 day Grand Chase Necklace

These Boxes will only be available until the maintenance on January 7th 2014. Unopened boxes will be removed at this time so make sure you use them before then.

Edel Promotional Coordi and the Bloody Captain Coordi

Edel Promotional Coordi

Bloody Captain Coordi

Starting December 17th,  Edel will have two coordi packages available in the shop.  These two packages will only be available until January 7th, so be sure to pick them up if you want them.

Edel's Permanent Coordi Sale

The Coordi Sets in the shop for Edel will all be available permanently during the event period (12/17 - 1/7). After this only the temporary options will be available so make sure you purchase them while you can.

île de Frost is now open!
12/17 ~

île de Frost is the home of Edel and her brother Adel.  It was from the manor on this island that Edel was born and raised.  Now Edel, having felt an uneasy aura eminating from her home, has returned to the island; but something isn't right.  The denizens and servants are hostile and combative, and monsters have been spotted within the walls of her home.  And within this place her brother lies trapped.

Can you help Edel break through the legions of monsters and hostile servants, and help save her brother Adel?

île de Frost is a small continent below and to the right of Ellia on the World Map,  where players can start playing as Edel.  It is inaccessible to other characters until Edel has cleared all the dungeons, and likewise Edel cannot access any other dungeons until she has cleared all of the ones on île de Frost.

The dungeons on île de Frost work a bit differently from the other dungeons you may have experienced.  On île de Frost each dungeon must be completed on Normal, Hard, and Very Hard (Expert) difficulty before the next dungeon can be accessed.

Inside the dungeons you will progress a different number of screens depending on the difficulty.  Each screen is separated by barriers which prevent your progress until the monsters in the area have been defeated. These barriers will also re-lock once you have passed through them.

There is also a new set available to acquire from these dungeons, the Arachne Set.

Arachne Set Male

Arachne Set Female

Now that you understand the area and the enemies you face, it's time to charge forward and help Edel!

Dark Nightmare and Rexion Super Gacha
12/17 ~ 1/7 until maintenance

Starting December 17th until January 7th the Super Gacha will feature two sets, and old favorite and a brand new set, the Dark Rexion, and Dark Nightmare sets.

The Dark Nightmare Set will also be available in the Lucky Gacha Fortune Mini game as well.  Starting December 17th until December 31st, players will be able to acquire1 Lucky Gacha Fortune ticket per day simply by logging in.

Beyond the log in tickets players can also purchase several packages in the shop:

1 ticket can be purchased for 200 Cash
3 tickets can be purchased for 500 Cash
10 tickets can be purchased for 1600 Cash
20 tickets can be purchased for 3000 Cash

Dark Nightmare Male

Dark Nightmare Female

After the 31st the Lucky Gacha Fortune system will remain in place until January 7th 2014.  After that the Dark Nightmare and Rexion sets will disappear into the shadows.

Happy Holidays from Grand Chase
12/17 ~ 12/30 until maintenance

With the holidays upon our doorstep we wanted to wish you all a Happy Holidays.  To celebrate we have several special events ongoing.

Log in Rewards

After logging in for the first time, players will be rewarded with a Holiday Cheer Signboard Box, 5 GC Holiday Signboards and a Holiday Bell Emoticon.

The Signboard Box will allow you to give a Holiday Signboard Upper Head Coordi Accessory to any character you wish.

The GC Holiday Signboards can be used in the park to send a festive cheer to all.  (Uses 1 per message)

And the Holiday Bell Emoticon can be used to ring in the season (you will have an infinite amount of uses with the 1 bell.)

In addition to this, logging in each day will qualify players for the event stamp minigame.  Here's what you can win:

Day 1 - Awesome Holiday Box
Day 2 - Awesome Holiday Box
Day 3 - Awesome Holiday Box
Day 4 - Awesome Holiday Box
Day 5 - Awesome Holiday Box
Day 6 - Reindeer Headband Box
Day 7 - Random Holiday Outfit Box*
Day 8 - Awesome Holiday Box
Day 9 - Awesome Holiday Box
Day 10 - Pet Mittens Card
Day 11 - Awesome Holiday Box
Day 12 - Awesome Holiday Box
Day 13 - Reindeer Headband Box
Day 14 - Random Holiday Outfit Box*

* Holiday Outfit Boxes to be described below.

Random Holiday Boxes

The shop will be featuring two different special Holiday Boxes, the Random Holiday Outfit Box and the Random Holiday Pet Box.

The Random Holiday Outfit Box will be available for 1 000 Cash and will give players the opportunity to acquire one of the following:

Holiday Dream Fragment
2013 Cutie Holiday Outfit Box (7 days)
2013 Cutie Holiday Oufit Box (Perm)

The Random Holiday Pet Box will be available for 10 000 Cash and will give players the opportunity to win one of the following:

2013 Cutie Holiday Outfit Box
Holiday Lezlie (A different version of the Lezlie pet)
Holiday Mary Jane (A different version of the Mary Jane pet)
Holiday Nurse Tammy (A different version of the Nurse Tammy pet)
Grade 12 Refinery Scroll
Grade 13 Refinery Scroll
Grade 14 Refinery Scroll

The Holiday Dream Fragments given by the Outfit Box can be used in the Forge to make the following items:

2013 Cutie Holiday Outfit Box (Perm) can be forged for 10 fragments
2013 Cutie Holiday Outfit Box (7 days) can be forged for 2 fragments
Ring of Beefiness (1 day) can be forged for 2 fragments
10x Natal Ring can be forged for 2 fragments
A large Potion Package 1 can be forged for 1 fragment
A Pet Rename Card can be forged for 1 fragment

Mary's Gift Shop

Tis the season of giving and with that in mind we figured you'd all like to show your friends some spirit of the season.  To that end Mary's Gift Shop is now open.

How to participate:

Gift Box Coins will be available in the shop in the following packages:

1 Gift Box Coin: 200 Cash
Gift Box Coin Package (20 + 3): 4 000 Cash
Gift Box Coin package (60 + 10): 12 000 Cash

Once you have some coins you can head over to the Grand Chase Gift Shop.  Menu -> Minigames -> Grand Chase Gift Shop.

From here you can select a gift to send to a friend (or a completely random stranger) using these coins.  If you have enough you can just type their name in  the box provided and (within a few short minutes) They'll receive your gift.

But what about me? 

Don't worry, random hypothetical Chaser, your act of generosity will not go unnoticed.   As you give gifts to other people you will gain Generosity points.  Once you achieve a certain amount of points you will be able to obtain a reward from the Gift Shop.  Simply click on whichever reward level you have achieved and your prize will be awarded to you.

Available Gifts

5 Coins:  Random Holiday Outfit Box
13 Coins: 10 Seal Breaker Scrolls
15 Coins: Skill Key
25 Coins: 20 Seal Breaker Scrolls
30 Coins: SP All Reset Card
30 Coins: Extreme Skill Key
37 Coins: 30 Seal Breaker Scrolls
50 Coins: Random Holiday Pet Box
74 Coins: 60 Seal Breaker Scrolls

Available Prizes

1st Reward: Grand Chase Necklace (7 days)
2nd Reward: Skill Key
3rd Reward: Premium Transmutation Scroll
4th Reward: 3 x Refinery Protection Scroll
5th Reward: Weapon Change Key
6th Reward: Premium Reinforcement Protection Scroll
7th Reward: Grade 15 Refinery Scroll

Santa's Stop-over

As you complete dungeons in the recommended level range (ie. within 2 levels of your own) you may spot Santa roaming with the monsters.  He will drop a Holiday Gift Fragment.

Holiday Gift Fragment

Once you've collected a certain amount of these you can take them to the forge and craft yourself one of the following:

Box of Holiday Scarves: 100 fragments
Rudolph's Nose: 100 fragments

Once you open one of these boxes you'll be able to select which character you would like to give the corresponding item to.

In addition to Santa's visit, the Park will be decorated in a festive manner, to fit the season.

Holiday Stockings

During the holiday season the Christmas Stockings mini game will be opened.

How to Play 

Complete Dungeon runs and PvP matches to obtain balls of red, blue and yellow yarn. You can use these to make different Stockings.

Red Stocking requires 3 Red Balls of Yarn
Blue Stocking requires 6 Blue Balls of Yarn
Yellow Stocking requires 10 Yellow Balls of Yarn

Once you have a stocking you can hang it on the tree. After a certain amount of time you can come back and obtain a prize.

Red Stockings will have their prize after 10 minutes.
Blue Stockings will have their prize after 20 minutes.
Yellow stockings will have their prize after 30 minutes.


Some of the Prizes are as follows:

Red Stocking which contains:

HP Potion (L)
MP Potion (L)
Champion Mode Ticket
Mystery Potion
Precious Pearls (Bermesiah, Silver Land, Ellia, Xenia)
Red Stocking
Blue Stocking
GC Club (1 day)
Ring of Beefiness (1 day)
Random Prop Reset Form
Refinery Scroll
Fusion Coupon
Squire Gaikoz Pet Creation Manual
Krustaccio Pet Creation Manual

Blue Stocking which contains:

Hellstrom's Demon Core
Naamah's Demon Core
Grandiel's Demon Core
Silver Land's Precious Pearl
Hero's Bullion
GC Club (3 days)
Refinery Scroll
Ring of Beefiness (3 days)
Random Prop Reset Form
Blue stocking
Yellow Stocking
Fusion Coupon
Special Refinery Scroll
+10 Bag
Squire Gaikoz Pet Creation Manual
Krustaccio Pet Creation Manual
Kaze'doggeh Pet creation Manual

Yellow Stocking which contains:

Special Refinery Scroll
Fusion coupon
+10 Bag
+30 Bag
Refinery Scroll
Refinery Protection Scroll
Pet Rename Card
Random Prop Reset Form
Squire Gaikoz Pet Creation Manual
Krustaccio Pet Creation Manual
Kaze'doggeh Pet Creation Manual
Yellow Stocking
Thanny Boy Pet Creation Manual
Wings of the Watcher (Lv 50 epic Randomly Propped Upper Armor accessory)
Grade 12 Refinery Scroll
Grade 13 Refinery Scroll
Grade 14 Refinery Scroll
Grade 15 Refinery Scroll
+60 Bag
Nickname Change Card
Skill Key

GC Rescue Squad Coordi's on Sale
12/24 ~ 1/7

Starting December 24th the Coordi Shop will feature the GC Rescue Set for all characters (yes Edel included).  The set will be available in 7 day and Permanent Options.

Happy New Year's Grand Chase
12/31 ~ 1/7

Starting on December 31st until January 7th the Super Fantastic Gift Box Puzzle Event will be available in the Minigame UI.
By logging in, checking attendance, and completing dungeons you will recieve random puzzle pieces from 1 - 9.  Collecting all 9 different versions will allow players to open aGift Box for the chance to win a prize.
The possible prizes of the completed gift box puzzle are below:
Please Note that you will recieve one of the following at random per gift box:

Thanny Boy Pet Creation Manual
Random Gacha Dungeon Pet Box A
Random Gacha Dungeon Pet Box B 
Skill Key
SP Reset Card x 3
Bermesiah's Precious Pearl x 5
Silver Land's Precious Pearl x 5
Ellia's Precious Pearlx 5
Xenia's Precious Pearl x 5
Champion mode ticket x 3
Squire Gaikoz Pet Creation Manual
Krustaccio Pet Creation Manual
Kaze'doggeh Pet creation Mnaual
HP Potion (L) x 10
Champion Mode Ticket x 10
GC Club (3 days)
Additionally Each Piece can be traded in for individual rewards.

Piece 1: HP Potion (L) x 2
Piece 2: Champion Mode Ticket
Piece 3: MP Potion (L) x 2
Piece 4: Socket Gem x 2
Piece 5: Ellia's Precious Pearl
Piece 6: Mystery Potion (L) x 2
Piece 7: Mystery Potion (M) x 2
Piece 8: Xenia's Precious Pearl
Piece 9: Bonus Recharge x 2 

Fireworks Sale

The Shop will feature a Firework Package for 1000 Cash.  In this package you will find 20 Fireworks.  These potion-like items explode all over the screen and will damage monsters (damage is based off your own strength).
Additionally, to let everyone join in on the fun, a mail will be delivered to all players on first log in during the event period which will contain one firework.

Limited Edel Item Sale

During this period there we will also be selling the Black Serpent Necklace, Anklet and Ring for Edel only. This sale will also feature the Butterfly Divastar set, our 2013 Coordi Contest winner set, in the shop.
The Black Serpent Necklace will be available for 5500 Cash
The Black Serpent Anklet will be available for 3500 Cash
The Black Serpent Ring will be available for 9800 Cash
And the Butterfly Divastar Set will be available for 6500 Cash

Black Serpent Necklace

Black Serpent Anklet

Black Serpent Ring

Butterfly Divastar

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