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AdventZ Limited Edition Customized Grand Chase Tumbler 
PHP 250.00
Free Shipping


1. Deposit the cost of the item to this reference number 5577 - 5193 - 3084 - 8103 - via Smart Padala.
2. After depositing the amount, you may post the control number HERE along with your Username, full name, full address, phone number (optional, for contact and confirmation purposes)

Note: The withdrawal amount should be exactly the same amount as the cost for your item in order to be eligible for a successful purchase. You may still pay for the service charge. Any amount exceeding the cost may be refunded back to you. Unless its for multiple purchases.


- We usually ship ordered items every monday.
- The item will be delivered to you at your doorstep.
- The item will arrive within the week after we ship it. (It usually takes 2-3 business days to be delivered. minimum is a day. Takes longer depending on your location)
- All items will be shipped via LBC

Note: Please be informed that AdventZ merchandise are usually customized, that's the reason why we ship only on mondays.


- Every monday, after we ship the item, you will recieve a tracking number via messages in the forums.
- Sometimes for confirmation that we already shipped the item, we will call your phone number (if there's any otherwise you will recieve a notification in your messages ) to notify you of your purchase.


- For follow-ups / any questions regarding damaged items / not recieved orders. You can contact us via email HERE

Note: Exclusive for transactions within the philippines. Internationally upon approval and request.\

Page is still in development...

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