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[NAGC] Grand Chase Event: A Returning Nightmare

A Returning Nightmare
11/12 ~ 11/26

Come one come all, to the most nightmarish of circuses in all of Aernas.

Starting November 12th, the Nightmare Circus will be opening it's tent flaps for all players to take part in. The cost of admittance will be 1 Nightmare Circus Ticket. (as usual)

Luckily, players will receive 3 Nightmare Circus Tickets when they log in each day, plus an additional ticket for checking attendance.  More tickets can be acquired by completing dungeons in the recommended level range.

Nightmare Circus Ticket


Completing the Nightmare Circus will award the players with a Circus Trunk of Armor Coupon or a Circus Trunk of Accessories Coupon.  Collect several of these and you can exchange them in the forge for a Circus Trunk of X. (X being the type of armor piece your looking for)

Nightmare Circus Coupon

Once you pop open the Trunk, you can select the armor piece for whichever character you want.

Upgrading Armor

Collecting multiples of the same piece will allow you to upgrade the armor to a higher grade.

Collecting 2 rare pieces will allow you to turn them into an epic piece of the same type.

Likewise, collecting 2 epic pieces will allow you to turn them into a relic piece of the same type.

You'll find the upgrade options under the equipment tab in the forge.  Just select the character you want, then Equipment and the Epic / Relic and pick from the list which piece you want.
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