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[NAGC] Grand Chase Event: Dio of the Burning Canyon

Dio of the Burning Canyon
11/05 ~ 11/19

Celebrate everyone's favorite stygian with a plethora of events.


Dio is looking to acquire the ultimate weapon, and he needs your help to get it.

After logging in for the first time after the maintenance on the 5th, players will find a mission in their mailbox to take part in.  Completing the two parts of the mission will give players the two materials they need to craft the ultimate weapon, Thunderstruck Ironwood, and Purified Oriharukon Ore.

Once players have both materials in hand they will be able to forge them together with 1000 Gems to created the Box of the Legendary Ultimate Weapon. Crack open the box and claim your reward.

Shop Packages

Dio will also have a new coordi set available, The Burning Canyon Coordi Set.  There will also be a version in the shop that contains the Burning Canyon Soul Reaver as well.

Burning Canyon Set

Please note that this is a set item. This means that the parts cannot be used individually.
In addition to the Burning Canyon set, the shop will also play host to the previous alternate job packages.

Dio Acquisition

For those players that don't already have Dio, now will be the time to acquire him.

Logging in for the first time during the event period, player's will find a [Cash] Dio Mission and [Cash] Drakar Mission in their mail.

Additionally logging in each day will award players the following items:

Ring of Beefiness (7 days)
Grand Chase Necklace (7 days)
Lv 39 Cash Equipment Box - Dio
[Cash] Leviathan Mission
Lv 42 Cash Accessory Box - Dio
Champion Mode Ticket x 5
Ring of Beefiness (7 days)
Hero's Bullion x 5
Refinery Protection Scroll x 3
Grade 10 Refinery Scroll
Extreme Skill Key
[Cash] Dusk Bringer Mission
1000 VP
Grade 12 Refiner Scroll

For those of you who already have Dio or simply don't want him, these Cash missions can be used to forge some Hero's Bullion.

Dio's Cash Mission will give 5 Hero's Bullion
The Drakar Cash Mission will give 2 Hero's Bullion
The Leviathan Cash Mission will give 2 Hero's Bullion
The Dusk Bringer Cash Mission will give 3 Hero's Bullion  

Prize Fighter Coordi's Now Available
11/05 ~ 11/19

In this corner...  weighing in at an unregistered amount of pounds... the Prizefighter Coordi Set.

Prize Fighter Coordi Set

The Coordi Package's pieces will be available in the coordi shop as well. Be sure to grab one now, for the rumble of the century.

Moving Mini Dolls
11/05 ~ 11/19

The shop will be playing host to the moving mini dolls, starting November 5th.  Players can choose between the Monster Mini Doll Box or the Cute Mini Doll Box.  Open them up and select which Mini Doll you would like.

Monster Mini Doll Box

Cute Mini Doll Box

Monster Mini Doll Box contains:

Cute Mini Doll Box contains:

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