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[NAGC] Grand Chase Event: Hallow's Eve

Trick or Treat with Grand Chase
10/22/2013 ~ 11/05/2013 until maintenance

•    Elven Forest and the Park have both received a background change to fit with the Halloween Theme.
•    Two New Forge options added for Halloween: The Chainsaw Accessory and the All Hallows' Eve Necklace.

Halloween Chainsaw Accessory

All Hallow's Eve Necklace

•    Zombie monsters may appear in dungeons at random.  Defeating them in a dungeon will award you a Jack-O'-Lantern.
•    Players will receive a mission on first log in: Exterminate the 'Z' Virus.  Completing the Mission will reward the player with a Halloween Accessory Exchange Coupon.
•    Jack-O'-Lantern contains one of the following:

• 100 GP Coupon
• 1,000 GP Coupon 
• 10,000 GP Coupon
• 100,000 GP Coupon 
• 1,000,000 GP Coupon
• Halloween Candy 1
• Halloween Candy 2
• Halloween Candy 3
• Halloween Candy 4
• Second Gear Ring
• Bonus Recharge
• Grand Chase Necklace (1 Day)
• Ring of Beefiness (1 Day)
• Random Prop Reset Form
• Boss Monster Card Box
• Ellian Shadow Circlet (1 Day)
• Ellian Shadow Wings (1 Day)
• Ellian Shadow Stompers (1 Day)
• Ellian Shadow Shield (1 Day)
• Ellian Shadow Mask (1 Day)
• Halloween Accessory Exchange Coupon 
• Halloween Necklace Exchange Coupon

Lucky Jack O' Lantern Boxes Available
10/22/2013 ~ 11/05/2013 until maintenance

Lucky Jack-O'-Lantern Necklace Boxes available in shop.
Purchase a Lucky Jack-O'-Lantern Necklace box and when you open it up, you may win a +9 version right out of the box.

Lucky Jack-O'-Lantern Necklace Box

The Dead Rise Again
10/22/2013~11/05/2013 until maintenance

Halloween Costumes available in shop.

• Zombie Outfits
• Jiang Shi Outfits
• Requiem Outfits

Scorpio, The Scorpion
10/22/2013~11/05/2013 until maintenance

The Scorpio Anklet is now on sale in the shop.

Scorpio Anklet

Trickster or Treat
10/22/2013~11/05/2013 until maintenance

Trickster Pet on sale in shop.

Trickster Pet Card

Daily Stamp Event
10/22/2013~11/05/2013 until maintenance

Log in every day and stamp the event card in the Minigames Menu and you'll win a prize for that day. 

Prizes for each day are:
• Jack-O'-Lantern
• Refinery Scroll
• Jack-O'-Lantern x2
• Special Refinery Scroll
• Jack-O'-Lantern x3
• Premium Reinforcement Protection Scroll
• Jack-O'-Lantern x3
• Special Reinforcement Release Scroll
• Jack-O'-Lantern x3
• Trickster Pet Card
• Jack-O'-Lantern x3
• Premium Transmutation Scroll
• Jack-O'-Lantern x3
• Halloween Accessory Exchange Coupon
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