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[NAGC] Grand Chase Event: Zero's 4th Job, Advancer

Zero's 4th Job, Advancer, Activation

9/16/2013 ~ 9/24/2013

You've been waiting for it, and now it's finally here. Starting September 16th, Zero can be advanced to his 4th job, Advancer. To celebrate we've got a few bonuses for the Zero fans out there.

Shop Items

The following items will be available in the shop to celebrate the release of Advancer:

·         [Cash] Advancer Mission
·         [GP] Advancer Mission
·          Advancer Coordi Set*
·          Advancer Weapon Set**
·          Mystic Advancer Set*
·          Silent Advancer Accessories Package*

* The Packages contain their respective Coordi parts only, cash missions are not bundled with them.
** The Advancer Weapon Set contains the Advancer Coordi Set and the Advancer's Grandark (Level 80, Epic)

Zero users that upgrade to Advancer before the 24th will also receive the following items:

·         Powerful Hero's Grandark (15 days)
·         Advancer Coordi Helm (15 days)
·         Advancer Coordi Upper Armor (15 days)
·         Advancer Coordi Lower Armor (15 days)
·         Advancer Coordi Gloves (15 days)
·         Advancer Coordi Shoes (15 days)
·         (S3) Fallen Angel's Wings
For those of you who don't yet have Zero, now's the time to get him.
·         Zero's Cash Mission will be available for 4900 instead of 9800
·         Zero's GP mission will require 20 Magic Orb Fragment 1 and 20 Magic Orb Fragment 2
But this chance will only last for 2 weeks, so grab him while you can.

Checkmate SB Gacha Encore
9/16/2013 ~ 10/8/2013* 
From September 16th to October 8th* the SB Gacha will be re-featuring the Checkmate Set. 
Those of you who may have missed it before will now have a second chance to acquire this rather regal looking set and the Rencia pet card that comes with it.

The shop will also be re-featuring the pet attacks for Rencia.
·         Grand Cross (500 times)
·         Grand Cross (100 times)
*Gacha end date may change without notice.

SB Gacha Fortune Tickets Return
 9/16/2013 ~ 9/30/2013
SB Gacha Fortune Tickets will be available in the shop in packages of:
·         SB Gacha Fortune Ticket
·         SB Gacha Fortune Ticket (3)
·         SB Gacha Fortune Ticket (10)
·         SB Gacha Fortune Ticket (20)
Take these to the SB Gacha Fortune Minigame and scratch them for a chance to win. If, under the scratchy, there are 3 Checkmate Gacha pieces of the same kind, you'll win that piece.

But what if I only get 2? Well don't worry hypothetical Chaser, if you don't get 3 matching items you'll receive a Shattered Dreams Token, which you can use to forge the Wings of Shattered Dreams.

Unlimited Champion Mode Event
9/16/2013 ~ 9/30/2013 
From September 16th to September 30th, Chasers will be able to enter champion mode dungeons without using up a champion ticket. 
Note: You will still need 1 champion mode ticket in your inventory to be able to create a room, it just won't be used in the process. 1 ticket will be distributed through the mail in the event you don't have any in your inventory.

Male Pirate Popularity Vote
 9/16/2013 ~ 9/24/2013
Arrr maytes. The scurvy dogs o' the Grand Chase be squabbling regarding who wear the uniform o' a pirate better. Decide for them before I make 'em all walk the plank.
Translation: The men of the Grand Chase all think they wear the pirate uniform better, decide for them.

Monsters will drop pirate badges randomly, collect them and give them to a character in the park to vote for the best dressed pirate.

After the 24th, the winner of the vote will receive:
·         a 20% Off all Cash items in the shop
·         a 2x item drop rate
·         a 10% Stats buff event

Pirate Coordi
9/16/2013 ~ 9/30/2013 
Arrr maytes. Them snazzy uniform the mates be wearing be looking good. We'll be stowing them below decks soon so snag 'em ‘afore we do.
Translation: The pirate uniforms the men of the Grand Chase are wearing are now available for all characters in the shop. Grab them quick before they disappear.

Rock Paper Scissors
9/16/2013 ~ 9/30/2013
Rock Paper Scissors returns. You'll be given 1 Rock, Paper, Scissors token on log in (2 on weekends) and will be given an additional token every 10 minutes you are logged in.
Take these tokens to the Rock, Paper, Scissors Minigame and get ready to throw down with a set of challenger. Pick Rock, Paper, Scissors or ? and see if you beat the challenger. If you win, you move on to the next one.

Tying a pet will give you another chance, but if you lose you either have to start from the 1st pet or you can use a Do Over coin to retry.

You will receive one Do Over, for every 6 matches. (Note: You must either win or lose, a tie will not count). You can also purchase more Do Over’s in the shop.
Should you require more Tokens or Do Overs they will be available in the shop:
·         Rock, Paper, Scissors Token
·         Rock, Paper, Scissors Do Over Token
·         Rock, Paper, Scissors Token (10 + 1)
·         Rock, Paper, Scissors Do Over Token (10 + 1)
Each pet will have different prizes available. (Click the image below to view the prizes)

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