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[NAGC] Grand Chase Zero 4th Job Pre-Release

08/27/2013~09/10/2013 until maintenance

1. Advancer Emblem is on

+10% EXP when playing in dungeon / PvP

2. Exclusive Advancer Packages on sale

[Mystic Advancer Package] contains:

- [Skin] Mystic Advancer Helm

- [Skin] Mystic Advancer Top

- [Skin] Mystic Advancer Bottom

- [Skin] Mystic Advancer Gloves

- [Skin] Mystic Advancer Shoes

- [Skin] Mystic Advancer Cloak

- [Cash] Advancer Mission

[Advancer Coordi Package] contains:

- [Skin] Advancer Helm

- [Skin] Advancer Top

- [Skin] Advancer Bottom

- [Skin] Advancer Gloves

- [Skin] Advancer Shoes

- [Skin] Advancer Cloak

- [Cash] Advancer Mission

*[Cash] Advancer Mission can be used after the Advancer update on 9/10

3. FREE Advancer’s Ring

Everyone will receive 1 [Advancer’s Ring] in their mailbox.
Random selection of 3 properties from the following:

- Attack
- Defense
- Vitality
- Special Attack
- Critical Attack Chance
- Level Requirement

Zero’s Burning Soul

You may forge your Advancer’s Ring until you get the props that you want.
In order to forge the ring you need [Zero’s Burning Soul], clear the dungeons of appropriate level with Zero to obtain them.

20 Zero’s Burning Souls + Advancer’s Ring = New Advancer’s Ring with randomly selected props

- All unused Zero’s Burning Soul will be deleted after the event.
- Any unequipped Advancer’s Ring will be deleted after the event.
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