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[NAGC] Grand Chase Event Dungeon: Talin’s Revenge

08/27/2013~09/10/2013 until maintenance

1. Dungeon Entry Ticket [Smart Key]

In order to enter Talin’s Revenge you need a [Smart Key].
Log in everyday during the event period to receive 3 Smart Keys each day.

2. Final Reward

Relic Pet KOG B

3. Possible Drops in Dungeon

When you cleared the dungeon:

- Refinery Scroll
- Special Refinery Scroll
- Refinery Protection Scroll
- Reinforcement Protection Scroll
- Special Reinforcement Protection Scroll
- Transmutation Scroll
- Premium Transmutation Scroll
- Socket Gem
- TYPE-1

When you were unable to clear the dungeon:


4. Forge the Final Reward, Pet KOG B

Forge the KOG Mark pets using TYPE-1

- [TYPE-1] x 6 = [KOG Mark-1]
- [TYPE-1] x 6 = [KOG Mark-2]
- [TYPE-1] x 6 = [KOG Mark-3]

Forge the final reward [Pet KOG B] by combining KOG Mark 1, 2, and 3.

- [KOG Mark-1] + [KOG Mark-2] + [KOG Mark-3] = [KOG B]

You can also use TYPE-1 to forge following items:

- [TYPE-1] x 4 = Special Refinery Scroll
- [TYPE-1] x 4 = Refinery Protection Scroll
- [TYPE-1] x 4 = Premium Transmutation Scroll

5. Pet Skills available in shop

- KOG Mark-1 Special
- KOG Mark-2 Special
- KOG Mark-3 Special
- KOG B Special

6. Items to be deleted after the event

- TYPE-1
- Smart Key
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