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[GCPH] Event Dungeon and Monday Sale

Event Dungeon and Monday Sale

July 30th, 2013

  Event Dungeon: Pet Banquet Dungeon

   Duration: July 30 ~ August 13
  • ○ There’s only one (1) level of difficulty
  • ○ No level and stat requirement
  • ○ Amount of Monsters will be modified based on the number of party members
  • ○ Revival Potion cannot be used
  New item: Invitation to Banquet
  • ○ Invitation to Banquet is used when entering the dungeon

  Ways to get Invitation to Banquet
  • ○ Receive three (3) daily during your first log-in to the game
  • ○ Play normal dungeon (exceptTria lFores tand Trial Tower) to get invitation piece 1, 2 and 3, which are used to manufacture the Invitation to Banquet item.
 Manufacturing List

  • ○ Rewards will be based on the amount of food left after the dungeon.
How to get the reward?
  • Gold Coin will be dropped when dungeon is cleared.
Where to use Gold Coins?
  • Gold Coins can be used when giving gift to a friend through “Grand Chase Gift Shop”. Items can be chosen based on the amount of Gold Coins you have to accumulate the points required to avail the item to be given:

 Rewards for Step of Friendship:

Pet Card Chest 

               Nyaramis’ Anklet:


Dungeon Clear Reward:

Basic Drop Item in Dungeon:

Take note that the following items will be deleted after the event period:

  Monday Sale

  Duration: August 5
  Item: Leo Anklet


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