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[Setting data] Duel Avenger # 4.1

[Duel Pon Zec Avenger]

"My role is to keep the master gatekeeper ... the key is in the role."

"Apostate 13th is my duty to keep you from the apostles."


"I ... need you. Kounat over the last survivors of the ..."






"I only need you ... I need you, too."

"Ernas when the collapse comes, Satan is too dangerous."

"From now on, your life is mine and I can not touch you as long as no one."




2,013. 07. 18


Foretold the advent of the 12th girl or boy ran towards the end of the legendary Grand Chase party

[This is the end of all those legends]


The adventure continues

Grand Chase SAGA is Continued

Note: Some grammars and words are not yet final.
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