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[Set data] # 02.1 Dire

"That was your purpose!?"

"Highlander is it ... Die ...!"

[Zeke Heart]
"Suddenly, Why are you doing this?"

"Are you finally revealing your true colors?"
"Giggling chuckling ... Now I'd like you to meet opponents that fight!"

"I do not like you from the first time I heard Elyos etc."


"He (Duel) will destroy the El Nas too. "
"Which was also the reason to hang out from horses, Clermont, not because the Bible was that?"

"Duel purpose do you like?"
"So do you want to die?"

"Basis without intend to sacrifice all the legends etc. I'm on?"

[Zeke Heart]
"What!? Giggling giggling ..."
"For all of us to make use of Satan's what you want to sacrifice??"
"So, without going back to Satan daemyeo excuse, Grand Chase is not just was it was staying around!?"
"Now off to stop Satan jusiji!"

"That's nonsense!"
"... You do not want to do anything different with the mean and eyisyeonteu Elyos!"
"Yes, I've seen him do ...? Stacked like a mountain ... the body of colleagues so badly was probably the result of the war."

[Zeke Heart]
"I'll ... trying to save! None of your business, how can you say"
"I can change! I'll surely be able to change! Etc. I do not believe a legend!"
"Chuckling giggling ... so I did not want to die"

"Obviously there has to be a way Clermont Bible written'll be a clear way ..."
"I want to find the Clair Bible."

"Do not believe in destiny ... etc."

2,013. 07. 18
[All users can enjoy the new characters and balance compensation continent + Jr. Edna]

Foretold the advent of the 12th girl or boy ran towards the end of the legendary Grand Chase party
Emergence of the new continent
[This is the end of all those legends]

The adventure continues
Grand Chase SAGA is Continued
Have an exciting day with Grand Chase ~ :)

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