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[News] KOG Interview about Edel frost

This week, we heard you really have so many questions that you wanted to ask about the new Season - Eternal which is Season 5...

In Particular, in July 18, will be the most Epic and Massive Maintenance and Updates in history of Grand Chase, so please expect more...

A. All about "Edel Frost"

1. Who is Edel, in one sentence?
- New character - "Edel" will be a very phenomenal character, which is expected to be very fast, with a wide range of attack, a Massive structure of Skill Tree that is expected to bring birth to absolutely Hybrid Characters

2. What is your main goal on creating "Ethel"?
- We really aim for her to be a very fast moving and efficient that displays ease for users..

Ethel by the use of the right hand can easily move, evade, avoid, and combo easily and to easily perform a wide variety of steps.

We will introduce to her the new features on new battle strategies and battle commands

Dungeons and PVP will be revamped and to be played a whole new entire gamplay and various strategies

3. Could you describe the story of Ethel?
- Ethel was borned in Serdin and is weilding a sword

Adele is her twin who put a deadly curse on the Family of Frost, Now she has to find out about the curse in the continent named - "Frost Land"

unlike the other Grand Chase Characters, her story will be revealed in the start of her journey..

for now that's what we can say about her...

4. Ethel in the Grand Chase's Eternal Hero?
- Grand Chase Eternal represents the whole of Grand Chase

Ethel will only represent the addition to the eternal journey of Grand Chase

that's all and just stay tuned for more...

B. The New continent : Frost Land

1. What is Frost Land in summary?
-  Fun and fast paced action continent, that can be started with Ethel that can run the dungeons in frost Land

2. What are the features of Frost land?
  • Ethel can run six dungeons in Frost land
- You can run the dungeons, hunt monsters, like the other dungeons are the same, but the growth and leveling up for the dungeon is kinda funny.

Ethel can run the dungeons smoothly in Frost land but the other earlier characters isnt..

  • Area Systems
- It enables a real fast paced action, thrill with one-on-one combat.
This System will be introduced later, The system in the stage as if you thought the whole stage is small but isnt.

New System enabled the transition of stage by stage in dungeons, No more having to go to portals to get to the next stage..

Frost land is somehow like a ladder continent that you must defeat a certain stage in order to go the next stage..

and more one-on-one battle designed for creating a newly environment

  • Action System
- Action System is a new system that enables esp: ethel to perform her wide range of combos in ease and without difficulty

Action challenges one to perform certain tasks first in order to accomplish the mission and dungeons.

for example: do not perform this, Kill a certain monster called - Missions will be asked like this

For accomplishing a certain task, missions now give a certain stat bonuses.

C. Skills, Stats and Growth REVAMP

1. Why do we need to Revamp the stats?
- So that to balance the system and match the new environment that faces a rather difficult new missions, your stats should be balanced as well..

2. Why do we need to revamp the growth system? (leveling)
- The process of growing now includes more ways and variety of tasks to strengthen by rewards

and now two ways to level up rather than the old way...

Grand Chase's Next Upcoming Major Patch will be sweet.

Well be hearing from your feedbacks on what you think about this update..


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