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[NAGC] New Dungeon: Kounat's Collapse

New Dungeon: Kounat’s Collapse


1. About

-Archimedia’s new dungeon Kounat’s Collapse is now open!
-New rewards, missions, and items available.

2. Appropriate Level

    Normal: 82-84
    Expert: 83-85
    Hard: 84-86
    Champion: 85-87

3. New Dungeon Rewards

    Aernasis Armor Set
    Aernasis Helm
    Aernasis Top
    Aernasis Bottom
    Aernasis Gloves
    Aernasis Shoes
    Aernasis Cloak
    Aernasis 1st Job Weapon
    Aernasis 2nd Job Weapon
    Aernasis 3rd Job Weapon
    Aernasis 4th Job Weapon
    Aernasis Circlet
    Aernasis Wing
    Aernasis Stompers
    Aernasis Spaulder
    Aernasis Mask

4. New Missions

    Code Name : Kounat’s Collapse
    Elite Troop, A
    Highlander Knightage, 12 Swords of Light
    Highlander Hero, Graham
    Encounter with the Culprit
    Lightening Speed-Kounat’s Collapse-
    Elite Troop, B
    13 Ways to Exceed the Limit
    Astaroth and the Power of Archfiend
    Final Battle

5. New Crest

Kounatro’s Return

-Clear Kounat’s Collapse 57 times in Champion mode.

(or 28 times if you have already obtained the previous crest)

6. New Monster Cards

    Commander ‘The Dark Sword
    Commander ‘The Dark Staff’
    Highlander’s Illusion
    Graham’s Illusion
    Astaroth (2nd Phase)
    Astaroth (Final Phase)

Event: New Dungeon Update Special

07/16/2013 – 07/30/2013 until maintenance

-Item drop rate +50% in all regions
-Monster Card drop rate +50%

*excludes mission items

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