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[NABlog] Grand Chase Fashion Design Contest 2013

Grand Chase Fashion Design Contest 2013


In celebration of Grand Chase’s 10th year in online game service and 5th anniversary in North America, GameRage and KOG Studios are calling all artists to submit a fashion design concept for the game.

Grand Chase is a free-to-play online action game developed by South Korean game studio KOG.  Released in 2003, the game is one of the first in its genre as a two-dimensional side-scrolling MMORPG.  Currently, Grand Chase has servers all over the world including South Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, United States, Brazil and more.

The background story in Grand Chase consists of young heroes forming an alliance to capture Kaze’aze, the Queen of Darkness.  Each hero is a playable character in Grand Chase and has its unique weapon and fighting style.

Although Grand Chase heroes are mostly wearing armors and weapons, the game also provides a fusion system (coordi) which allows the players to decorate their game characters with different virtual fashion items.  Currently there are many coordi themes in Grand Chase including Halloween set, pajama set, school uniform set, beach set and more.

We invite gamers and designers of all age and nationality to show off their creativity by making an awesome design set for Grand Chase characters.  One lucky winner’s design will be delivered to the game’s development studio and made into real in-game item that will be exposed to millions of Grand Chase players all over the world.


Draw a concept sketch for a Grand Chase fashion coordi set.
(For both male and female)

You may hand-draw or use graphic software.

You may use attached design template if desired.

You may add detailed drawings of each part.

The drawings must be detailed and legible – if the developers are unable to recognize your design’s detail then your submission will not be accepted (no participation prize)

Keep in mind that a full coordi set contains following parts:
(However, your design does not require to contain all of the following)

Main Coordi:

Upper Armor
Lower Armor


Upper Head
Lower Head
Upper Armor Ornament
Lower Armor Ornament
Arm Ornament


E-mail your drawing(s) to grandchase@sgiwest.com with “Fashion Design Contest” in the subject line.

In order to receive a prize you must include your account ID and Nickname (in-game name)

You may send more than one submission but send another e-mail for your second submission (one e-mail = one submission).

Each submission must include both male and female designs.

Designs could be hand-drawn or in digital format.

Submit your files in JPG or PNG only.

Your design must be original, detailed, and legible. If we are unable to recognize the details of your design your submission will NOT be considered.


The public will take part in voting for top 10 picks which will be delivered to the developers for final selection.

One (1) winning design will be selected for in-game development and future release.

By submitting your design you give KOG Studios the permission to use your design to create and sell in-game item.

KOG Studios has the right to modify the design during the process of development.

2013.07.03     Contest Open
2013.08.13     Contest End
2013.08.20     Top 50 staff’s pick posted on Facebook for public vote
2013.08.28     Winner will be selected from 10 most voted pieces
2013.09.03     Winners announced


1st Place – 1 winner

50,000 VP Coupon
A full coordi set will be developed based on your winning design.
Your designed coordi set (permanent) for two characters of your choice upon release.
GC Designer Signboard

2nd Place – 1 winner

30,000 VP Coupon
Winning coordi set (permanent) for one character of your choice upon release.
GC Designer Signboard

3rd Place – 3 winners

10,000 VP Coupon
GC Designer Signboard

For all participants:

GC Designer Signboard (7 days)
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