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[KGC] Updates 7/4/13

Characters Ryan, Ronan, Sieghart, and Amy have been revamped. 

Mostly every skill has been changed to be counterable and the Invincibility time after arena has been extended. 

((Please note: I am using the NAGC name of the classes))

Ryan - General

- Nature Shield has been moved to the shared tab, and can now only be used by pressing CC
- Ryan's Totems are moved to the shared tab.

- Ryan's Roar can be chained with combos and the cooldown has been reduced to 10 seconds.
- All job art has been redone. 

Ryan - Sentinel 
- Basic combo damage and hitbox buffed
- Critical, Double, and Dash attacks knock up the opponent. 
- Jump down attack can be used after jump attack and air dash attack.
- Backspin Slash's last hit knocks up the opponent
- The AoE for Spinning Phantom has been buffed
- Enhanced Dash Speed

Ryan - Viken
- Basic combo damage and hitbox buffed

- Multiple Blows command changed from (ZZ~) to Z + V and has been buffed
- Critical, Double, Dash, Air Dash, and Upper Jump attacks all knock up the opponent
- Upper jump attack has a secondary hit activated by Z (Can only be used if the first strike hit)
- Nature Tamer has been buffed and can be used while air dashing
- Wild Justice and Crow Wing hitboxes are adjusted
-Enhanced Dash Speed

Ryan - Vanquisher
- Enhanced Dash Speed
- Mach Blow lessens opponent's MP

Ryan - Vanquisher - Storm Blade
- Basic Combo, Dash attack upper and lower, Critical attack and double attack are buffed and the hitbox is adjusted
-All special's hitbox adjusted.

Ryan - Vanquisher - Storm Pike
- Basic combo's damage and hitbox adjusted
- Xenocide Lance's hitbox adjusted

Ronan - General
- Elemental enhancements are moved to shared
- Stunning effect added to Lightning Enchant

Ronan - Spell Knight
- Basic Combo's damage and hitbox has been adjusted
- Knock up hitbox and damage adjusted
Ronan - Dragon Knight
- Basic Combo, critical attack, and double attack damage and hitbox adjusted
- Able to combo or dash after Dragon Dive
- Able to use Dragon Dive after jump attach
- Dash Attack's flinching effect added
- Holy Inferno's hitbox has been adjusted and now gives allies shield that absorbs one hit
- Spell The Rune's hitbox adjusted
- Ragna Bolt added
- Able to use Dragon Dive upwards

Aegis Knight
- Basic combo damage and hitbox adjusted
- Retaliation hitbox adjusted
- Psychic Force lessens opponent's MP

Abyss Knight
- Basic Combo damage and hitbox adjusted
-Critical/Double attack damage and hitbox adjusted
- Downward jump attack hitbox adjusted
- Mono Bolt locks opponent's skill bar
- Dust Chip does not inflict flinching, but it lessens opponent's MO
- Soul Wave hitbox adjusted

Amy - Muse
- Able to dash after landing from magic move

Amy - Muse - Performance Mode
- Basic combo damage and hitbox adjusted
- Pop Rock inflicts confusion

Amy - Muse - Fighting Mode
- Basic Combo damage and hitbox adjusted
- Double jump attack
- Sweeping Crush and Curtain Call hitbox adjusted

Sieghart - General
- Quiet and Mad Rage, and Easy Breezy moved to shared
- Rage consumption speed adjusted

Sieghart - Duelist
- Basic combo damage and hitbox adjusted
- Second hit of jump attack bounces opponent's up after they hit the ground
- Pressing X during Stance allows Sieghart to roll
- Reduced Rage consumption for Adrenaline Attack
- Adrenaline Attack's direction can be changed with arrow keys
- Pressing X During Adrenaline attack allows Sieghart to roll
- Heavy Smash hitbox adjust and now lessens opponent's MP
- Dread Punisher hitbox adjusted

Arme - General
- Double Duration for Magic Shield

Ryan and Ronan's rebirth

Ronan and Ryan are free!

Ryan and Ronan's Level Up event

For every four levels, a Madeline chest is given
For every four levels, starting at level 2, the user is given a VP coupon chest which may contain a 1, 10, 100, 100 or 10000 VP Coupon

Ryan, Ronan, Amy, and Sieghart Neo Coordi Sale

10th Anniversary Event
Every day a Cerebration Bullion will be given from mail each day. 5 of these can be forged into a Rebirth fusion crest!

Returning Users Event
Users that have not logged in since June 13th will receive this set for the select character

Renecia Encore
Renecia is back! She will not be character specific. 

Bukunawa Event
The user can receive Bukunawa 3 times for spending up to 90000 cash. It is character specific.

Have a great day guys!

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