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[GCTH] Asin's 2nd Class - Muryang

Last week updates are Pre-Muryang and Stone Remove Scroll sale.

For this week:

1. Asin's 2nd Class - Muryang

2. Bingo Event
Duration: 4/7/13 - 18/7/13

Answer all-about-GC questions, and complete a row/column to obtain rewards.

You need Bingo Coin to play. It can be obtained by staying online for an hour, at first log-in or buying in the shop.

To play, you click at one panel, the question will appear.

If you answer correctly, you'll be given a "Lucky Bag."

Opening it will give you random rewards

Rewards for completing each row

Tinker Bell Wing

Tinker Bell Mini Doll

Rewards from Mysterious Dragon's China

That's all for this week.

And here is my Muryang's dungeon run for whomever interested.

(Playing hybrid skill build right now; much better in dungeon)

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