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[GCPH] Lime Special Class, Grifis Redux and New Avatar

Lime Special Class, Grifis Redux and New Avatar

July 23rd, 2013

  Lime Special Class Release

    Duration: July 23, 2013 ~
  •  ○ Lime Special Class Release Mission items are available in the Item Shop.

   Lime Skill Reset

     Duration: July 23
  •  ○  Lime Skill will reset at 8:30 AM.
  •  ○  Re-log-in the account after the said time.
  •  ○  Includes Lime 4th special skill.

  Super Gacha: Grifis Redux

   Duration: July 23, 2013 ~
  • ○ To know more about GACHA and how to use it, CLICK HERE to read the details.
  • ○ Craft list for Old Armor is not available.
  Level Range 30-80

  • ○ Season 4 Gacha Item Craft list will be added for Old Gacha Item.
  • ○ Old Gacha Item applied Properties and equipped Monster Card will be removed.
   Increase Grifis’ Damage
  • ○ Old Pet Damage increased as Similar as The oldest Gacha Pet (Kether Pet) Damage.
  • ○ Includes previously acquired Grifis Pet.

  New Avatar

   Duration: July 23, 2013 ~ August 6 (before maintenance)
  • ○ Wind/Rain/Could Master Avatar is available in the Avatar Shop.

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