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[GCPH] Asin's Special Job - Infinity Update and limited Cancer Anklet

Pre-event: Asin Special Job and Limited Sale

Hello Chasers!
Here’s our update after our July 2 maintenance:

Pre-event: Asin Special Job

Duration: July 02 ~ July 19 (before maintenance)
  • Get extra gift when you log-in for certain number of days during the event period.
Note that number of log-ins are accumulated and doesn’t necessarily need to be consecutive log-ins.

  •  Limited Item for Asin will be available during event period.

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Asin Skill Tree Point Reset

Duration: July 2
  • Asin skill tree points will reset to add common skills in windows.

Limited Sale: Cancer Anklet

Duration: July 02 ~ July 9 (before maintenance)
  • The Cancer Anklet (character restricted) will be available at the shop during the event period.
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