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[Concept] Edel Frost - The New Char (Behind Story)

[Edel Frost]
"Troops magic in position! Next, riders! "
"For the glory of the Kingdom of Serdin! We offer our lives! "

Name: Edel Frost
Age: 18 years
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Source: Kingdom of Serdin, Continent of Bermesiah
Family: Family Frost
Organizations: Knights of Serdin
Relatives: Brother Elder - Adel Frost
Destination: Number XI of the Twelve Disciples

18. 07. 2013
[Characters that bring fun to all users & New Continent of Corrections Balancing + Jr. Edna]

The Twelfth girl Prophecy OR appearance of the boy and the end of the legend, running toward the group Chase
Comes a New Continent

[This is the end of all legends]

By Kion

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