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Character: Story # 01.1 (Story and Secrets of Sieghart Family)

Name: Elesis Seighart

If the fate of ernas lies upon me.... I will accept it...

Age: 17 yrs old
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hometown: The Kanavan kingdom in the continent of bermesiah
Family: Seighart Family
Organization: Red Knights / Leader of Grand Chase

Father - Elscud Seighart
Mother - Penelope Seighart
Brother - Elsword Seighart

Fate: In order to keep peace in Ernas, The goddess of War and bravery - Ernasis Created the 12 Disciples

Gone to find his father, The queen of serdin created Grand Chase to hunt for the notorious sorceress - KazeAaze, His father - Elscud was lost in the Rifts of the underworld (which is rumors said, because of his none return)

With important clues lies in KazeAaze, that can solve the whereabouts of Elscud, has remained hidden.

The last two survivors of the battle, Seighart came back.
(rumors spreading while zero accumulated Elscud's signature move, thought that Elscud is alive.)

Red knights

Seighart was found by the Highlanders after the treacherous battle.
From the beginning of creation until now, The mission to care for the land and people of Kanavan is passed from generation to generation. The Magicians of Serdin and Knights of kanavan, thought of betraying each other because of the doings of KazeAaze, having known that the sorceress is to be blamed, the Magicians of Serdin formed Grand Chase. Gerard Fahrenbach is positioned to be the temporary leader of the red knights in the absence of Elesis.

Elscud Seighart

Age: 32 Yrs. old
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hometown: Kanavan kingdom in the continent of bermesiah
Organization: Red knights
Wife - Penelope Sieghart
Daughter: Elesis Seighart 
Son - Elsword Seighart

Fate: Became an odysseus for struggle to the rift.

Highlander - His father Aerknard Seighart which is the father of Elesis.

Having the inevitable war between Kanavan and Serdin, The Queen of Kanavan thought of seeking help, known that a dark sorceress in the mastermind of the war, The Queen sent a Tracker - Elscud Seighart to track for the evil queen. Following the queen of the dimensional rifts, the tracker was lost in the rifts and was sent to the underworld.

being in the underworld, Elscud met the Demon - GrandArk. Not knowing he was the father of elesis, they fought in the underworld, thus replicating the signature move of Elscud... and making the rumors go around that Elscud is still alive...



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