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[BLUG] An Interview with Edel Frost

Q: Well First of all, Id like to thank miss frost for giving us the opportunity of an interview. Edel do you know that everyone is mad about information about you?

A: No Need to thank me, Stellar said that it would just be proper if I introduce myself to the crowd.

Q: Oh, Okay, You name is Edel Frost, Where did your surname actually came from?

A: Frost is a very ancient Family in Serdin (long pause)..... I guess lets just stop on that... Im really dealing with a lot of difficult times and memories. Can we change the subject?

Q: No Problem. Sorry to ask this though, but some people are actually thinking that yo are a boy because of the clothes...

A: I am a woman 18 yrs old, I think I dont have to prove anything to anyone, since im really dealing a lot these days.

Q: (throat clearing) and speaking of clothing, you use this ... what kind of weapon?

A: You dont know??.. well Im not surprised... Its actually a "rapier" its a kind of long and thin sword, but at the same time its lightweight. Its great for those who really prefer faster attacks. 

Oh an also a flintlock when needed. I trained a lot with these things when i was still a child. Its like a weapon for wizards really..

Q: Okay, Anyways what is most important to you?

A: Family, I would do a lot to protect them, and also to save ernas.

Q: So Im sure you are the guardian of FrostLand. One of the things that our readers would really like to know is the date of your arrival??

A: Soon... Now I better be going, cause I still have certain commitments.

Q: Sure!, Thank you Miss Frost.

So what do you think guys??? What are you speculating and conclusions that you formed regaring Miss frost now???

Tell us in the comments guys, and See you soon..


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