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[News] Project: Runway Finalists

Hello Guys!! So finally the project runway will be soon over... its just a matter of time until we know who won the prize and especially the next avatar in Grand Chase!

The following entries are the finalist of the said event, people are voting on who is the 1st the 2nd the 3rd and so on...

How bout you??.. have any bets??

why dont you give us a comment about it...

Venom Otaku by BLK

Prince and Princess by Gaemgaem

Florencia by ChocoNara

Diver's Suit by LimeAlice

Burgeious by Ruth Navarro

Hagaon by so quiet listen my brother

Baseball by Impratical

SweetHeart by Hotel and Military

The Creator by presentia

Buddha by ap

I Personally Like, Burgeious, Hagaon, Sweetheart and the Creator...

how bout you???

leave us a comment okay?

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