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[IDGC] Verkas Lair and Many more

Update Grand Chase 13 Juni 2013

 Haha, I was complete my Exam,
and then, I'm back

SO many i must post today

New Event:
  • Demonologist Pre Event(23May - 30May)
  • Event Dungoen : Hungry Pet's(23May2013 - 4June2013)
  • Minigame:Raccoon Tornado(23May2013 - 4June2013)
  •  New Item: Gemini Anklet(23May2013 - 4June2013)
  • Demonologist Update Event (30May - 4June2013)
  • New Raid Dungeon : Verkas Lair
  • New System: VP Point.Hero Coin Upgrade Shop
  • 16th Gacha: Ordoo Platoon
  • Limited Avatar Sale: Boxing Avatar 
  • Login Event
  • New Minigame: Kinder Dio Shopping

Demonologist Pre Event (Ended)
 as ussually, pre job, there must be New Limited Package

Demonologist Avatar package

and Acc too

Demonologist Accessory Package
Isi Demonologist Accessory Package

Demonologist Set 

Event Dungeon:Hungry Pet's (Ended)

 Yeah, Same As last Year, 
but, this year the Monster is 10+ ( Last Year is 5+)
and well, Here The reward

Friendship Ribbon
Gold Coin
with that gold coin, you can give a item to your friend
Here the item you can give to her/his:
Kirim hadiah ke temanmu

 and, if you reach a  certain point of giving point, you will get reward to
here the reward
Friendship Point Reward
reward stage1
20 reward stage2
30 reward stage3
40 reward stage4
50 reward stage5

 and, the Grand prizes is Purrthos Anklet

Purrthoss Anklet

 Raccoon Tornado (Ended)

 The Final Reward IS Oriental Avatar set 
i get That with 28 Raccon Coin :v
Oriental Avatar Set

 New Item: Gemini Anklet

Gemini Anklet
Gemini Anklet Effect

 Ley 4th Job Change : Demologist Update Event

If you use Ley in a dungeon or PVP, Ley Emblem Will appear and you will gain +10% Exp gain
Emblem Ley Demonologist

 New Raid Dungeon : Verkas Lair

 I haven't lv 85 Character Yet T_T

This Dungeon is On Atum Region

 Verkas Lair Reward :
Iron Dragon Armor Set and Accesorries

 New Card:
Attack +83
Vitality +137
Defense +146
Skill Attack +30

Ultimate Iron Draagon Armor And ACC  ( Legend lv 85)

Ultimate Iron Dragon Pandora:
(30) Grandiel's Demon Core + (20) Nemophilia's Demon Core + (20) Vulcanos' Demon Core + Phantom Phoenix Pandora (Legend) + Iron Dragon Pandora (Epic/Rare) + 1.000.000 GP
 Ultimate Iron Dragon Helmet (Amy):
(30) Grandiel's Demon Core + (20) Nemophilia's Demon Core + (20) Vulcanos' Demon Core + Phantom Phoenix Helmet (Amy,Legend) + Iron Dragon Pandora (Epic/Rare) + 1.000.000 GP
 Ultimate Iron Dragon Wings:
(30) Grandiel's Demon Core + (20) Nemophilia's Demon Core + (20) Vulcanos' Demon Core + Phantom Phoenix Wings(Amy, Legend) + Iron Dragon Pandora (Epic/Rare) + 1.000.000 GP

 New System:VP System

 Yeah,Free Cash 

 New System: Hero Coin Upgrade Shop

Here The New Reward For Hero Dungeon
Hero Dungeon Reward Baru:

Furnace of Hell
- Phantom Phoenix Armor (Rare/Epic)
- Vulcanos Demon Core
- Hero Coin

Sanctum of Destruction
- Phantom Phoenix Armor/Weapon (Rare/Epic)
- Nemophilia Demon Core
- Hero Coin

Phantasmic Sector
- Phantom Phoenix Acc (must lv 80,If under lv 80 you will get Archemedia Pearl(Rare/Epic)
- Grandiel Demon Core
- Hero Coin

Demon Core

Demon Core

Demon Core

And now, we can buy Phantom Phoenix Armor set and Upgrade them ( Acc can't buy,Just can Upgrade )

Say Good Bye For Dark Superior Avatar T_T 

16th Gacha


Ordo Armor and Acc set

Norton and Gram

 And The Pet Is Gram and Norton

Boxing Avatar(In Sale Until 20 June 2013)

Image Avatar Name
Boxer Avatar Head (Female, Male)
Boxer Avatar Upper (Female, Male)
Boxer Avatar Lower (Female, Male)
Boxer Avatar Gloves (Female, Male)
Boxer Avatar Shoes (Female, Male)
Boxer Avatar Champion Bel

Boxer Avatar (Lime, Azin)

 Login Event

 Login And get This Item

 With That item, Create This item
Azin Mission Cash

Need 8  Proof of Hero
Amy Mission Cash

Need 8  Proof of Hero
Spell Book Package [10]

Need 6  Proof of Hero

 Kinder Dio Shopping Mini Game
 Kawaii Dio xD

  1. Shopping List ( Remember This)
  2. Shopping Bag
  3. Stage
  4. Timer
  5. Shop
  6. Home
  7. Game Start and Claim Reward
The Prizes SO AMAZING!

and, The Top Reward Is Kindergarten Avatar

See You Next Week


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