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[GCPH] Raid Dungeon: Berkas’ Lair, Selion GACHA Redux and June Conversion Rewards

Raid Dungeon: Berkas’ Lair, Selion GACHA Redux and June Conversion Rewards

June 11th, 2013

Raid Dungeon: Berkas’ Lair

Duration: June 11, 2013 ~
  • ○ This dungeon can be cleared once in 24 hours after the time reset at 00:00AM.
  • ○ Only level 85 characters with SS stats can create or enter the room.

  • ○ Players can change character in the room provided that the character to change is with SS stat.
  New Title:


"Seize the Dragon Heart"

   Monster Card:

 Dungeon Clear Reward:  Players will get Iron Dragon Parts as a dungeon clear reward.
 Level: 80
 Grade: Rare or Epic

How to make a Final Reward:
  • ○ Craft Iron Dragon and Phantom Pheonix armors and weapons together with the 3 ingredients to get an Ultimate Iron Dragon armor piece.


  • ○ Unnecessary Iron Dragon parts can be disassembled and can be crafted into Iron Dragon parts again.
  • ○ An Iron Dragon Chest can be created with 20 Iron Dragon Scale.

  Selion GACHA Redux

  Duration: June 11, 2013 ~
  • ○ To know more about GACHA and how to use it, CLICK HERE to read the details.
  • ○ Craft list for Old Armor is not available.
 Level Range:  30-80


 June Conversion Rewards

   Duration: June 11, 2013 ~ June 25 (before maintenance)
  • ○ When you accumulated a top-up amount of 1,000 Php from June 11 – 25 (before maintenance), you will get the VIP Box.
  • ○ Choose 1 from 3 pets in the VIP box.

  Heroic Dungeon Reward Updates

  • ○ “Special Reward” will now be “Clear Bonus” only in new dungeons like Hidden City of Cownat.

  • ○ Monsters won’t drop boxes anymore.
  • ○ Players will get rewards for character that they used in dungeon as reward.
  • ○ Changes in item reward in level 30 of Mystery of Illusions.
    • ◘ Old:  Choose one Phantom Phoenix accessories and armors
    • ◘ New: Choose one of Phantom Phoenix accessories only.

  • ○ New Upgrade Tab in the Heroic Shop.
    • Players can now upgrade the Phantom Phoenix Items to Epic or Legend by spending Heroic Coins in Heroic Shop.
  • ○ Phantom Phoenix Armors (Legend) available in the Heroic Shop.

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