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[GCPH] Mini Game: Dio the Errand Boy and VP System

Mini Game: Dio the Errand Boy and VP System

June 18th, 2013

Mini Game: Dio the Errand Boy

  Duration: June 18 – July 2 (before maintenance)
  How to Play the Game:
  1. The shopping list will be provided 10 minutes after the end of the previous game. Don’t forget to memorize the list.
  2. You can purchase the items from the shop by pressing Space Bar. Return home once you have purchased all the items.
  3. Look out for Merry! She will take away 1 item from your shopping pack.
  4. You can get better rewards by completing consecutive shopping lists. Complete 9 shopping lists to get a VP coupon!
  5. This is the shopping list. Close it by pressing ‘Space Bar’. Make sure you have memorized it!
  6. Quitting the game will reset the Completion Counter and Progress. Do you want to quit? If you quit without collecting the reward, it will automatically be placed in your inventory.  
   Stage 1-8 [Basic Reward]: Kanavan Kindergarten Avatars and consumable items
   Stage 9 : VP Coupon
  • ○ 50 VP Coupon for Stage 1 – Stage 50.
  • ○ 1 VP Coupon for Stage 51 and above.

   If rewards are not collected, next game will not start after 10 minutes until the reward is collected.
   VP Coupons will be removed at the end of the event.

  VP System

  Duration: June 11 ~
  • ○ Release of the VP System.
  • ○ A VP coupon that can be used to buy cash items in the Shop
    • VP and Cash cannot be mixed to purchase an item.
  How to get the VP
  • ○ Get 500 VP Coupon for first log-in of the account during the event.
  Coupon List

  • ○ VP accumulated from this coupon will be deleted during the 7/2 maintenance.

  Berkas’ Lair Update

  Duration: June 18 ~
  • ○ All monsters’ Atk ratings increased
  • ○ All monsters’ Def ratings decreased
  • ○ Reflect skills no longer reflect damage that exceed maximum HP

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