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[News] Revenge of Talin Sneak Peeks

Well, Hes Back alright, Talin has seek revenge from the grand chase after him, last seen on the Thunder Hammer, flying away, Now hes in the skies, building better machineries for his goblins.

The Sentinels can also fly using their aircrafts, while others use jetpacks to shoot opponents

Just bullets cant even scratch these thick shields, at one point you have to detonate this big ship.

Next, is Talin himself armored with special armoury, that even Special Abilities of our heroes is inpentrable - or at least that's what he expects

To Complete this mission you need to have this new awesome aircraft too..

And if youre lucky enough... You can even grab a hold of a new Event Pet by crafting three necessary items dropped in the Event Dungeon

I Bet you can't wait until the release of this new and awesome dungeon huh???
well me either...

gameplays will be live tomorrow.. enjoy guys! and Happy Gaming!

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