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[News] Lime's Special Class Teaser

Oh okay so, Finally Lime's Special Class advancement will be released (as expectedly), at the same time fulfilling the Skill Spoilers we just gave before, in her Special Class, she eliminates her ally buffs bringing her buffs only for herself alone with the release of her Self Auras, eliminating the supportive type of her the Holy Knight, the Divine Knight (just a guess) focuses more on the offensive side of her divine powers. Giving extreme offensive blows, defensive, and as well as giving her more speed (heck! a lot!).

But wait, what's the catch? heheheh (we know LOL).
well give you a clue, analyze the Skill Spoilers HERE, and you just might find it out...

See it?? ahah...

Tell you what, you might wanna say it's OP?, but not exactly... the catch balances it all...
anywhoo, Greetings guys, and Have a nice day.

If you already guessed what the catch is.. you can drop me a comment below.. ^^v



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