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[News] Lime's Special Class Skill Prototypes

Hammer Swing: Continous Swinging of Hammer's damage improved
Hammer Rush: Continously swings the hammer in a fast rushing speed forward

[Upgrade] Combo application - dash when using combo
[Upgrade] Dash Attack 
[Upgrade] Jump Application - Z, Z ↓ Jump
[Upgrade] Jump Application - Jump X


[Technique] Offensive Self Aura
[Technique] Accelerate Self Aura
[Technique] Defensive Self Aura

[Upgrade] Stored MP LV1 - automatically gives MP at the start of a game
[Upgrade] Stored MP LV2 - more powerful than lv1
[Upgrade] Critical Rise LV1 - Increases Critical Chance
[Upgrade] Critical Rise LV2 - more effective than lv1

[Special] Pull - Special Skill that pulls enemies dealing a massive blow of damage
[Special] Berserk - an aura that gives movement speed and invulnerability
[Special] Skull crash 


[Technique] Offensive Self Aura Lv1
[Technique] Offensive Self Aura Lv2
[Technique] Offensive Self Aura Lv3

[Technique] Accelerate Self Aura Lv1
[Technique] Accelerate Self Aura Lv2
[Technique] Accelerate Self Aura Lv3

[Technique] Defensive Self Aura Lv1
[Technique] Defensive Self Aura Lv2
[Technique] Defensive Self Aura Lv3

[Upgrade] Berserk Effect 1
[Upgrade] Berserk Effect 2
[Upgrade] Berserk Effect 3

[Technique] Offensive Self Aura

- press C↑ to change the Combo of lime to offensive mode (MP recovery will decrease when self aura is activated)

 - changes the dash attack

Jump application - ↓ Z when jumping

[Technique] Accelerate Self Aura
- activate the accelerate self aura by pressing C →, rocket jump and faster movement speed and dash will massively increase during the aura (mp recovery will decrease when aura is active)

- Increases jump height, dash speed, movement speed.

Jump application - Double Jump
Dash Application - Double Dash

[Technique] Defensive Self Aura
- activate defensive self aura by pressing C←, Press X to use a defensive position

mana shield - Creates a mana shield by pressing  X ↑
counterttack -  → or ← when hit by an enemy

Other Skills:
Divine - Summons a Divine field that
Dungeon: Gives additional damage to enemies
PVP: reduces Jump

Berserker - Doubles the Instantaneous damage to enemies (Skills can't be used while using the aura)

Hammerfall - Summons forth lightnings, where enemies are.

Divine Hammer - Summons a Special hammer in front dealing massive damage

EarthQuake - summons a Gigantic hammer and causes earthquake to the whole map, dealing more damage to the enemies in front

Berserker  - Double attack is changed

Again, the concept is still not final and is subject to change...

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