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[Interview] Talin strikes back

(Clearer translation will be updated later)

Hello. Ms. yellow.
Today's event dungeons: return-Talin strikes ' when you're done, the owner of the development team and a Dungeon off of a short story.

1. What is the ' Dungeon ' Talin talk strikes back Musings?

Kounat in the battle of Astaroth and from the collapse of the renovated Grand Chase, Serdin's Queen's emergency return command is sent.
Grand Chase is quick to move, to use my flying boat of Kounat, which is, in the process, Talin.

2. Yes and no shooting Dungeon updates are embarrassing. Grand Chase identity also vibrates ...?

Dungeon team to provide a variety of new fun to try a lot of things.
He is a representative example of the event dungeons.
Event Dungeons and try a lot of new development team and test the system.
Regular testing, as long as the Dungeon, not liberal, and developed systems to apply the regular dungeons.

In some cases, this was before the shooting started in a mild test of dungeons.
A fun to play through a change of control, was the starting point for him instance test for testing.
Scenario mode with internal development team put a Dungeon, shooting Dungeon updates has been determined.
Scenario mode has given Dungeon, waiting for whatever reason yujeobun sorry guys heart.

User who also drink, take it too seriously and enjoy the two-week event, I'd like to lightly.
Try to change to shooting Dungeon has never.

3. the ' dungeons ' counterattack of Talin event considered as fun?

Oh Thum was introduced from the continent for the first time to ride, and enjoy all of the user-level issues.
This compensates the counterattack ability of Talin Dungeon.
All levels of play as they yujeobun can enjoy the same conditions.
You will still get in the same old rec room shooting games, you will be able to feel the aroma of capital.

4. last but not least, the ' SerdinQueen ', this is why the need for an emergency summons to Grand Chase?

The highest point is not yet disclose ... Dimension break new (?)This has been found.

Returning to command the Queen's emergency ... All aboard the flying boat!!
What ~!? Ancestry has acrophobia inspiration ~!? Shut up and ride ~!!
[Stats correction event dungeons: returnees-Tallinn strikes update]

The final reward: three stage transformation into robot-COG B

2013.05. 16
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