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[IDGC] New Dungeon And Random Pet Box

Update Grand Chase 2 Mei 2013

Late again xD
and now as ussualy 2 week update i will post it

New Update
  • New Dungeon : Seth Pyramid
  • Random Pet Box Sale Event 
  • Login Event
  • Obliterator Pre Event (Nice job name)

New Dungeon : Seth Pyramid

Good, Another dungeon, that's mean another title must get : (

Osiris  Relic

Good, Another Equipment 

New Card
ImageCard Name
Seth Amazon
 Exp Gain 20.4%
Seth Sorcerer
HP gain +1741
Seth Mummy
 Fatal Attack Chance +3.62%
Defense +141
Immortal Barakhufu
Counter Resit + 22%

New Title

Random Box Sale Event

I will never ever buy this box again , last year i buy this and get Sarimanok and Black Bear

Open and get One of this pet  bellow

ImagePet NameGrade
Mary JaneLegend
Black BearEpic
Peng PengEpic
Blue FairyEpic
Ming MingEpic

Login Event
As ussualy every month this event is going on

Login And Get This item and Create it into Character Mission Scroll cash

Lime Mission Cash
Need 8  Proof of Hero
Ley Mission Cash
Need 8  Proof of Hero

Obliterator Pre Event ( Zero 4th Job )

 Login And Get Obliterator Ring ( Random Props)

If You get a bad Props , you can Re-Create This item by Collect Zero Black Flame
You can get it by play at any Dungeon (-1~+1 your zero Lv)

 And As ussualy , There are Limited Package for The Pre Event Job

Mystic Obliterator Package

Cool Guy xD

There are the Limited Accecories Too

Silent Obliterator Accessory Box
Silent Obliterator Accessory Box

And That's all today
See you Next Week
Or 2 week  again xD


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