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[Guide] Kinder Dio's Shopping Spree Event / king of Errands

Hello, Guys!!, So a new Mini-Game has been implemented in the Grand Chase Korea on its last patch, Its kinda easy really, its more of kinda a memory game, hahaha but know what??.. I have a tip for you to ace this game...

But first, the


[click picture to see full image]


1.) Ley will show you a shopping list, where it shows the item you need to get and the quantity she needs.
Press "Spacebar" to get one item.


2.) Each market contains only one item and shows the item at their shop banner.

3.) While getting the necessary items, Mary will be roaming the streets, Everytime you encounter Mary, She will get one random item from your list.

4.) After getting the Items you need to go to the "Home" where you need to hit the "Spacebar" to give ley her necessary items...

If the items are correct dio will say - OKAY!
if the items you got are wrong dio will say - NO!

You can play the mini-game every after 10 mins. (unstackable)
Everytime you got it right, your time will be increased by 2 mins.
Everytime you got it wrong your time will be decreased by 1 min
Everytime Mary catches you your time will be decreased by 1/2 min, and will take an item from you.

The Whole stage consists of 9 Levels.
You can only play the game 10 times a day


For Korea:
Kindergarten Helmet (1 day)
Kindergarten Upper Armor (1 day)
Kindergarten Lower Armor (1 day)
Kindergarten Shoes (1 day)
Kindergarten Gloves (not sure) (1 day)

Kindergarten Helmet (permanent)
Kindergarten Upper Armor (permanent)
Kindergarten Lower Armor (permanent)
Kindergarten Shoes (permanent)
Kindergarten Gloves (not sure) (permanent)

Kindergarten Bag (permanent)

Socket Jewel
GP Random Prop reset Scroll
Spell Book
Grand Chase Necklace (1 day)
Reinforcement Scroll

100 VP Points Coupon
1 VP Points Coupon

The Gameplay:


The Cheat:

ahahahhah  a Simple cheat for this game, uhmmm well every other memory game is like how what shopping really is... you need to List down the Grocery list everytime ley gives you one... its that simple...

You just need a paper and a Ballpen.

Draw Many boxes as shown below. and when ley gives you the grocery list,

just write it down the paper with the proper placing that is shown in the right of the interface (because the market places change places every level)

ome on.. Tell us guys!... did we help you???



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